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ICYMI: Rubio: Stop China from Using TikTok against America

Mar 14, 2024 | Featured, Press Releases

We must stop China from using TikTok against America

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

March 14, 2024

New York Post

…We would never allow the Chinese Communist Party to own and ultimately control the New York Post or Fox News. So why should we tolerate Beijing’s ownership and control over TikTok, from which a third of American adults under 30 allegedly get their news? The answer is simple: We shouldn’t….

The House of Representatives just voted overwhelmingly to approve legislation that would force TikTok and ByteDance to separate or else Tiktok would be banned. Now the bill heads to the Senate…. Mark Warner (D-Va.) and I, the leaders of the Select Committee on Intelligence, are going to do everything we can to get it passed and signed into law.

I understand many Americans are concerned about this measure. Perhaps they see rumors online that this bill would give the government the power to ban American companies or curtail the right to free speech. Those rumors are completely false. I want to be perfectly clear: The issue on the table is not how Americans are using TikTok but how ByteDance is using the app on Beijing’s behalf….

Earlier this month, TikTok demonstrated its ability to interfere in our political process by sending tens of millions of users a push notification directing them: “Call your representative now” and protest the app’s separation from China. Imagine if the Chinese Communist Party used similar tactics to tip the scales against Donald Trump in a second presidential term or blame the United States for COVID-19?

Allowing ByteDance to continue owning and operating TikTok [threatens] our national independence and our personal liberty alike. Every American lawmaker should support forcing the app to separate from Beijing. If we don’t stand up for our nation this time, when will we?

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