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ICYMI: Rubio Stakes Ground Against Woke Ideology

Feb 3, 2023 | Press Releases

Americans Demand Freedom from Woke Ideology
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)
February 2, 2023
Americano Media

…Critical race theory. Radical gender ideology. Pro-abortion fanaticism. Anti-religious discrimination. Ideas that originated on the fringe of American politics and were long relegated to Ivy League faculty lounges and socialist cells are now commonplace across major institutions….

In America, people are allowed to fill their heads with nonsense if they want to. However, no one is entitled to force that nonsense on others. That’s the problem with left-wing protestors who think they’re justified in blocking public traffic. It’s also the problem with transgender activists demanding a Christian baker celebrate their sex change. It’s a major problem when so-called American corporations go woke, relying on tax breaks to support their employees’ abortions and using shareholders’ hard-earned money to advance radical social policies.

Nothing compares to what the Biden White House is doing, though…. [T]his administration is financing racist curricula in public schools, advocating the use of untested puberty blockers on children, and turning the Department of Veterans Affairs into a post-Roe abortion factory…. Meanwhile,….Biden’s Pentagon is wasting valuable resources on drag queen story hours, sensitivity training, and countless other woke priorities….

This is simply unacceptable, a radical imposition on millions of Americans…. The government and woke institutions are colluding against common sense, and our communities and children are suffering as a result.

That’s why I am reintroducing eight bills to protect the American people from radical woke activism in all its forms…. Common-sense policymakers have a duty to hold elites accountable and prevent wokeness from turning the land of the free into another Cuba, Venezuela, or Nicaragua.

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