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ICYMI: Rubio Speaks to the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America

Jan 11, 2024 | Press Releases

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) spoke to the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America to reaffirm his support for Israel and expose rampant antisemitism in schools and universities.

  • “These institutions have totally forgotten why they exist…. They are designed to educate, to teach, to prepare, to equip, so people can go out and be good citizens and productive in their lives. That is not what they’ve become…. We are subsidizing, in our country, the most expensive indoctrination program in the world.” – Senator Rubio

See a lightly edited transcript below or watch the video here.

“There’s the world before what happened on the 7th of October and the world since. It’s a global [situation], and it’s one to keep an eye on. Not simply what’s happening today with Hamas, but the broader conflict that is being threatened, both with Hezbollah and now with the Houthis, who are now attacking U.S. ships and commercial vessels and the like. 

“It’s a horrible tragedy, and we can keep all those who have been impacted in our minds and in our minds when we take our actions. But I also think it should have been an enlightening moment. When a group that has weapons and fighters says that their goal is the destruction of the Jewish state, you should believe them. When they have a history of doing these things, you should believe them.This is evidence of that for the world to see. 

“What I think for us here domestically has been most shocking is to wake up hours after this happened to the reality that there are people in our country who view what happened as justified. And It’s not just any people. It is people in charge of important things, people that are involved at pretty high levels of certain companies, students at some of the most prestigious and expensive learning institutions in our country. 

“The reason why it’s troubling is not just because of where they go to school and all that. What’s troubling is that if you play it out, those are the schools that populate the Supreme Court, the agencies, the boardrooms of our country. If you extend this out 10, 15, 20 years, these are the people who are going to be in charge of really important things.”

“There is nothing good in tragedy. The only positive is that we have seen voices that have stood up against it across the political spectrum in that regard. 

“It has also been eye-opening to a lot of people about what’s been simmering under the surface for a very long time, unaddressed. It isn’t that it was ignored. It was simply lost in all of the other noise that’s involved in the arguments of American politics today. Now it’s been revealed. All of a sudden, people are realizing what we have subsidized in this country is the wholesale effort to use our most important institutions [to indoctrinate]. 

“These institutions have totally forgotten why they exist. No institution, no organization can be successful if it forgets its purpose, its ’why.’ Why do you exist? Why do we have universities in America? Why do we have schools, for that matter? They are designed to educate, to teach, to prepare, to equip, so people can go out and be good citizens and productive in their lives. That is not what they’ve become. 

“Place after place that is prestigious, because it admits the students with the highest test scores and the best GPAs, has lost its mission and its purpose. We are subsidizing, in our country, the most expensive indoctrination program in the world.”

“We’ve forgotten the purpose of the government. Why do we even have a government? No one ever asks that. When you spend all the time arguing, it’s like getting in the car and getting mad at GPS, arguing over what road you should take and what route you should take, when you haven’t even decided where you’re going. How do you know what the best route to take is if you don’t even know where it’s going? What’s the purpose of even having a government? 

“It’s simple. We have a government to promote peace, the happiness of people. Well, these institutions have forgotten their purpose, which is to teach and to equip. The result is that now we face this real calamity. People are allowed to believe and say whatever they want. They are. But we don’t have to pay for that stuff. We don’t have to subsidize it. 

“What’s even more troubling is that there are people in this country on visas. They’re not even here permanently. They’re not even citizens. They are visitors to the United States of America on visas who are out there doing these things, saying these things, supporting a murderous terrorist organization. It speaks to this specific issue, but it speaks more broadly to the cultural rot that we are living through today.”

“I don’t care who you elect. I don’t care how much money we spend. I don’t care how good the laws are, how good your government is, and how efficient it is. You cannot be a strong country if you don’t have strong people. And you will not have strong people unless they are raised in strong and stable families that form strong and stable communities. No society has ever pulled that off, and no society will ever pull that off. You cannot be stronger than your communities and your families. I don’t care how much money you spend on the military or how much money you spend on the government. That is where you rebuild the country. That’s where you strengthen it. 

“That’s why I support school choice, something that I know is important to many of you, because it gives parents those choices. There’s all kinds of things that we need to be doing to strengthen that. That is the antidote to all of this. 

“The antidote against this poison [of wokeness] is strong families where children from a very young age are inculcated in truth. In the absence of strong families and stable homes and strong communities, our children, our future leaders, our young men and women in this country, become exposed to all sorts of ridiculous, but dangerous stuff that really threatens the future well-being of our country in startling ways. 

“I say all this to you not to be negative. I think there are many reasons for optimism. I think there are many people that have learned a lot more about this conflict and about what’s going on in the world than they knew about it six months ago. I think there are a lot of people who are starting to see the true nature of what we’re dealing with here. 

“But there are many others in important positions that have not. You see this picture of White House staffers in front of the White House, all of them, of course, wearing masks and face coverings, protesting on behalf of Hamas. These people work in the White House!

“Everybody’s now shocked [saying], ’Oh my gosh. Where has this been this whole time?’ It’s always been there. This just revealed it. The light came on, and it revealed this poison that’s been simmering for a very long time. Now it’s out in the open, now it’s been revealed, now we see who they are, and now we see where it’s coming from, and that needs to be confronted. 

“What will happen in the Middle East? What’s happening in Gaza, what will happen moving forward? Those issues are really important. We focus on them because our national interests are at stake. But what’s happening here at home is really important. 

“The answer to those problems lie in our homes and our families and our communities. The more those of us in government realize that and understand that our job is to support family and community, not replace it, the better off our country will be, now and in the years to come.”