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ICYMI: Rubio Pushes Legislation In Response To Glaring ObamaCare Problems

Oct 31, 2013 | Press Releases

Rubio: “I want to fully repeal ObamaCare… But in the interim, we’re having real people call us every day about how concerned they are about the impact that it’s having on them.”

Excerpt of Interview on FOX News’ “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren”
Senator Marco Rubio
October 30, 2013  

FOX News’ Greta Van Susteren: “All right, Senator, you filed a Delay Until Fully Functional Act. What is that and what’s the status? And why did you do that?”  

Rubio: “Number one, I want to fully repeal ObamaCare. I think we’re going to have to. As this thing rolls out, we are going to continue to see the disaster that it is and the impact that it’s having on people. But in the interim, we’re having real people call us every day about how concerned they are about the impact that it’s having on them. Here is why: Next year if they don’t have health insurance that complies with ObamaCare, the I.R.S. is going to fine them, but the website they’re supposed to go on to buy that insurance doesn’t work. And so my bill is pretty straightforward. It’s kind of a common sense thing. It just says that you can’t start enforcing those fines on people until the website is fully functional, and I don’t understand why, but the Democrats have opposed it. I guess I do understand why and that is at this point, they are against any changes to the law even if the law is hurting people.”  


Van Susteren: “So that means you don’t pay the penalty. Have you taken a look at the legislation that Senator Mary Landrieu is talking about? She is talking about legislation to guarantee Americans can keep current insurance, even if not comply with minimum standards under ObamaCare. And of course, I note that she is a Democrat. What about her bill?”  

Rubio: “I think that’s important, too. I filed a bill today with Senator Johnson that pretty much says the same thing. If you have existing coverage and you are happy with it, you are going to get to keep it. That was a fundamental promise that was made in order to get this law passed, and now that’s being broken. We’re seeing that it wasn’t an unintended consequence, it was an intended consequence. This was done on purpose because they want to undermine and gut the individual marketplace.”  

Van Susteren: “What I think President Obama said today, though, is that the insurance policies that are going away, that people are losing, are the ones for the under-insured. And it is sometimes like junk insurance policies, that no one is going to lose a good policy. Do you disagree with that?”  

Rubio: “Well, first of all, I think people should be able to choose whatever policy makes sense for them. Again, if you passed the law that we’re talking about, which says that no one who has existing coverage they’re happy with will lose it. If you pass that bill, it doesn’t prohibit anyone from getting a better plan. It just says if you have a plan that you are happy with, you should be allowed to keep it. The President himself made that promise, and now that promise is being broken.”