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ICYMI: Rubio: Promoting Adoptions and Protecting Foster Children

Nov 22, 2013 | Press Releases

Rubio: “On November 23rd, many across our nation will celebrate National Adoption Day. And there is much to celebrate about this family institution that has made us a better and stronger society.”

Promoting Adoptions and Protecting Foster Children
By Senator Marco Rubio
The Christian Post
November 22, 2013

As a nation, we may remain divided on many issues, but virtually everyone agrees that more adoptions in America are a worthwhile and unifying goal. But even as we celebrate the miracle of adoptions, we must also highlight the challenges associated with them that must be overcome.

Today in America, there are over 4,500 children in foster care on the verge of finalizing adoptions, as well as over 102,000 children waiting to be matched with a responsible, loving family.

While the vast majority of prospective foster and adoptive parents are well intentioned and eager to love these children, sadly, there are those who seek to exploit our children. For example, in Florida, 70 percent of child trafficking victims were part of the child welfare system, according to the FBI.

Human trafficking is a horrific crime that’s happening everywhere around the world, including our own communities and maybe even neighborhoods. We must do more to aggressively fight this crime in all its forms, but especially as it relates to the most vulnerable among us – our children.

In the coming weeks, I will introduce legislation to specifically combat child trafficking in America’s child welfare systems. Adoptions and foster care should be a lifeline to a better future, not a path to hell as trafficked children.

Beyond our shores, we have additional challenges and barriers regarding adoptions.

Many American families have been caught in the bureaucratic paralysis and corruption that exists in other nations’ adoption systems. This has left kids stuck in institutional care, even though a loving family eagerly awaits the chance to welcome them into their homes. In response, the U.S. must use its diplomatic and economic power to encourage other nations to remove such undue impediments to adoptions.

Sadly, other nations such as Russia have taken their adoption policies to an extreme. Under President Vladimir Putin, adoptions of Russian orphans by American parents are currently banned – a casualty of geopolitics that shows that government’s cold-hearted willingness to use children as political pawns.

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