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Rubio: President Obama is “Not A Believer in the American Free Enterprise System”

Jul 19, 2012 | Press Releases

Interview with Fox News’ “Fox and Friends”
Senator Marco Rubio
July 19, 2012


Senator Marco Rubio: “Well, he was being honest about what he feels. And that’s what we’ve been saying all along.  He’s not a believer in the American free enterprise system. They’ll never admit that because the American people support the American free enterprise system, so they have to dress it up as something else. But the fundamental fact is that this President believes at his core, and has always believed, that the way the economy grows is when he and government have more power to take money and redistribute it into the economy. They’ve always believed that. You remember back in 2008 he said that on the campaign trail and he’s saying it again now. This is fundamentally what he believes.

“And I think it’s a reminder to voters in my state, in Florida, and across the country, what a dramatic choice they have here in November between two very different views of our future. One where the President and the government is in charge of our economy, and the other where we the people are in charge of the economy.”


Rubio: “Well, there’s a real judgment day coming for the American economy. I think what’s going to happen here very soon is you’re going to see a number of taxes increase dramatically, but you’re going to start to feel the effects of it already. Businesses are already planning for next year, so you’re going to start to see the layoff notices. You’re going to start to see businesses deciding not to invest next year into growing their business, et cetera. You’re starting to see that already. People are already starting to feel the pain of this reality. But look, that speech earlier this week, number one it misstated the Republicans’ position on this issue. The second thing it ignores is a study that just came out yesterday that said very clearly that if the Democrats’ plan to raise taxes on America goes through, millions of small businesses are going to be imperiled. Seven hundred thousand jobs could be lost, not to mention all the businesses that aren’t going to start up and all the jobs that aren’t going to be created. And this is a very real problem that needs to be addressed. … The reality is that we know now for a fact that what it does is it takes money out of the economy and puts it into the hands of government. This is money that now cannot be reinvested in starting new businesses or growing existing businesses and that’s why that study came out this week saying seven hundred thousand jobs will be lost if the Democrats’ tax increase goes through.”

Senator Rubio also joined FOX 35 in Orlando this morning. You can watch that interview here