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ICYMI: Rubio on Fox News Primetime

May 13, 2021 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Fox News Primetime with Brian Kilmeade to discuss John Kerry’s testimony to Congress, the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and more. See below for highlights and watch the interview here

On John Kerry’s testimony to Congress: 
“Well, I think it’s impossible to say you don’t remember if you met with a Foreign Minister of another country. Those meetings happen, and I can guarantee they were not talking about the Yankees or the state of play in the National Football League. There’s only one thing they have in common, and that’s the Iran deal. If I were to bet what he was saying in those meetings, it was, ‘Listen, hold on, this guy is not going to be President in two and a half or three years. A new Administration will come in and set these things right.’ 
“I think that’s what those meetings were about. I can’t prove it. I don’t think anyone can. But what else would they be talking about? That’s the only thing they have in common.”
On the conflict between Israel and Hamas: 
“Ultimately what you have here is a situation where Hamas wants to prove they’re stronger than the Palestinian Authority. They have launched over 1,000 rockets. It’s the biggest barrage we have ever seen from them. They’re indiscriminate firing — they’re firing into Tel Aviv, firing at the airport, firing into Jerusalem. 
“And people talk about the Israeli response. The Israeli response, in most cases, is they actually do the roof knocking, where they drop non-explosives to warn people, they even call people, they actually canceled schools in Gaza so that kids wouldn’t be in these buildings. The fundamental problem that’s happening over there is that Islamic Jihad and Hamas have no problem putting the operation sites, the missile sites, right next to a nursery or a hospital or a residential building. So at the end of the day, I don’t care what happened on the ground in Jerusalem. The response cannot be 1,000 rockets fired into civilian areas.”
On Representative Omar’s tweet about Israel:
“She was out of her mind when she [posted] that. Number one, the Iron Dome wouldn’t need to exist if it wasn’t for Hamas and Hezbollah. The reason it exists is because these terrorists have rockets, and they use it to try to kill Israelis. That’s the reason why it exists. Number two, the only response that you have seen from Israel is in response to these attacks. They live in a very tough neighborhood. They made abundantly clear if you hit us we will hit you back five times harder. Hamas knows that. This is a plan. They do this knowing there is going to be a response. Knowing that innocents are going to be killed and civilians are going to be killed. They know it’s going to happen. They deliberately want it to happen, so they can get tweets like that, and people around the world to take up their cause. 
“This is an organization that pays bonuses — which by the way was just restored — giving back money to the Palestinian Authority and through them as well, Hamas. If you are a martyr, as they call it — if you kill yourself by trying to go after the Israelis — they pay your family a stipend for the rest of their lives. They pay them a martyr’s benefit. If you go to jail for trying to kill or killing an Israeli, when you get out, they promise you a job, they promise you a pension, and they take care of your family while you are in there. They create financial incentives for these attacks. Both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. Those are the terrorists.”
On John Kerry’s statement that forced Uyghur labor is “a problem” in the production of solar panels: 
“It’s not a problem. It’s a catastrophe. It’s a humanitarian catastrophe. It’s an outrage. It’s genocide. They are being produced and not just that but all kinds of apparel. We have American corporations that are profiting from this as well from the cheap and free labor provided through slave labor of Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region of China. It’s absolutely a fact that it’s happening, and it is an outrage.
“We shouldn’t have products like that coming into the United States and into our market. It’s as simple as that. I actually have a bill that helps achieve that. We shouldn’t have it. It’s simple, straightforward. I don’t care who the company is. Move your factory somewhere else. But no American corporation, or any corporation for that matter, should be profiting off the slave labor of anyone, including the slave labor of Uyghur Muslims.