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ICYMI: Rubio: On Environment, Our Communities Deserve Real Solutions, Not Far-Left Hysteria

Apr 22, 2021 | Press Releases

Our communities are counting on bipartisan work, not a war of words
By U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)
April 22, 2021
Washington Times

Despite hysterical claims by the far left about the “imminent” end of the world, Floridians understand the importance of serious-minded environmental stewardship and climate preparedness.

That is why restoring these ecosystems and defending our state’s natural resources are among my top priorities in the U.S. Senate.

Water, and the aquatic habitats it sustains, is the beating heart of Florida’s culture and economy. For this reason, I have consistently worked to secure funding and authorizations for ecosystem restoration projects like Everglades restoration and repairs to the Herbert Hoover Dike…

Finding ways to mend Florida’s ailing coral reef tract, the third largest barrier reef in the world, is also vital…

However, as discussions over climate continue, it is critical for policymakers to focus on realistic solutions. Green New Deal-style catastrophism and apocalyptic predictions about the world ending in 12 years understandably cause Americans to tune out.

Additionally, many of Democrats’ favorite climate policies would be a boon for their corporate donors, but death knell for small businesses and start-ups. Carbon tax proposals, for example, enjoy the support of many large corporations that can afford it, but would risk squeezing out many small business competitors.

America needs policies that make us more competitive, not less. President Biden’s infrastructure plan calls for extensive solar development but lacks sufficient provisions to make sure it doesn’t simply end up a giveaway to China…

Likewise, it makes zero sense to pursue policies that run counter to established science. The Biden Administration has waged war on American natural gas production in the name of climate action. However, carbon emissions from fossil fuel combustion actually decreased by over 12 percent between 2005 and 2019, thanks in large part to the shale revolution and increased natural gas usage.

Advancing realistic legislation to make our communities more resilient — while preventing America from falling prey to predatory corporate and left-wing climate catastrophism — is hard work, but within our reach. Delivering clean land, air, and water for future generations of Americans is a priority too important to squander.

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