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ICYMI: Rubio & Manchin Tout Bipartisan Bill For Religious Freedom

Feb 9, 2012 | Press Releases

Interview with Gretchen Carlson Fox and Friends
Senators Marco Rubio & Joe Manchin 
February 9, 2012

Gretchen Carlson: “Now two senators from opposite sides of the aisle are joining forces to prevent the mandate. Joining me now from DC, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Republican, and West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, Democrat. Wow, fantastic! I’m seeing a Republican and Democrat standing next to each other in the same shot. Good morning to both of you.”

Senators Rubio & Manchin: “Good morning.”

Gretchen: “It’s a new revelation in the world we’ve been living in in the last couple of years. … Let me start with you, Senator Manchin. Why go on board with Senator Rubio and introduce this bill to try and get rid of this mandate?”

Manchin: Well, first of all, it shouldn’t be political and next of all, I tried everything possible. I sent — I was on the conference call December 3 talking to the White House, strongly opposing the direction I thought they were going and asked them to consider it before they did it. They went ahead and invoked the rule and February 3, I wrote a letter to the President asking him to repeal it. I thought it was wrong and an encroachment on religious freedom and Constitution and that’s really what it should be. Marco and I — there are more of us are working together on common issues and what we think moves this country forward than just plain politics. And again, this isn’t political.”

Gretchen: “Senator Rubio, is this a religious liberty issue or is it as Senator Boxer just described it, a medical issue for women?”

Rubio: “Well, you know what it is, it’s a constitutional issue. It is very simple. This is a straightforward concept. It’s not about medicine. It’s about constitutional rights. And here is the question, should the federal government have the power to go in and tell a religion that it has to pay for something that the religion teaches is wrong? It’s a very simple question. And I think the answer to that is no. And I think that’s what the Constitution says. So, this should never have happened. The President should have followed the advice of Vice President Biden and his outgoing Chief of Staff Bill Daley who told him not to do this and he went forward with it and now I saw the clip you played, it’s not Republican leadership that’s outraged by this. It’s the Catholic Conference of Bishops outraged by this, some of whom supported ObamaCare when it first passed.”