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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Watters’ World

Oct 11, 2020 | Press Releases

Miami, FL — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Watters’ World to discuss court-packing, the filibuster, and Florida’s role in this year’s presidential election. See below for highlights and watch the full interview here

On the chance of Joe Biden packing the Supreme Court if elected President: 
“Yes. Yes, look, [Democrats have] been threatened — the answer to the question is yes. And the reason why is, here’s what I honestly believe, I think Joe Biden, because he has been there for so long, he’d prefer not to, but he has no choice.
“Because all the energy, all that money, all the activism in the Democratic Party is coming from the far left and they’ve been talking about and insisting on this for a very long time.
“And I want people to understand, this is not going to end at nine or I mean, we can have a Supreme Court one day that has like 15 or 18 people, 19 people every time some party gets elected, and you don’t like the makeup of the court, you just add, you know, two more people to it. I mean, that’s what they do in the third world. That would be ridiculous.
“The answer to the question is yes. They are going to move to try to do that. And I believe that they’re going to do that no matter what would have happened with the Supreme Court nomination now. That’s why almost a year ago, I filed a constitutional amendment to keep the number where it is and bring us some stability.”
On the filibuster and the prospect of a Democratic majority in the Senate: 
“Look, the filibuster is not in the Constitution. It’s a rule, and a lot of people haven’t liked it for a long time, but I looked at the way our system was constructed. You know, our founders didn’t create the filibuster, but they most certainly wanted a Senate to act as a body that sort of slowed things down so that we took some time to analyze situations, and that’s why it’s tough to get things passed in the Senate. And I think the filibuster has been abused by both parties.
“That said, the reason why they want to get rid of the filibuster is not because they think that we need to be doing more, it’s because this time, they are not going to do what they thought was a mistake under the Obama Administration. They’re going to go for it all.
“And if you talk to people on the left, they’ll argue that the biggest mistake Obama made was not going through all of it. Not just Obamacare, single payer, and cap in trade. Why didn’t we just go for everything when we had the chance? They’re going to do that this time. I guarantee it. Absolutely.”
On Nancy Pelosi and the 25th amendment: 
“It’s just a cheap political trick, and you see it for what it is. And by the way, [Nancy Pelosi] is talking about two separate things. The issue about when did [the President] last test negative has to do with contact tracing and who else in the White House might be infected. Frankly, that’s an Executive Branch function. That’s none of her business. Just like if somebody got infected in the Capitol, the President wouldn’t have the right to say, well, when was the last time senator so and so tested negative because we want to contact trace him. Two separate branches of government.
“The 25th amendment is already in the Constitution. There’s already a provision and process for doing that. Once again, that would be the Legislative Branch trying to take over and tell the Executive Branch what it needs to do and not do. It’s a stunt.
“And it’s dumb, because look, at the end of the day, the President’s health, you know, we’re going to find out soon enough. I mean, the virus either goes away or it doesn’t. He has been putting out videos. By Monday, Tuesday of next week, you know, as we move forward, it’s going to be obvious to everybody where that’s at.
“And so again, these are all stunts. And they’re just designed to sort of create narratives. The sad part is they get away with it, because much of the media sort of eggs them on and actually amplifies these sorts of messages.”
On Florida’s role in the election: 
“Well, you know, nobody is comfortable in Florida. But I’ll give you this. Quinnipiac, on the eve of the governor’s election just two years ago, had Andrew Gillum up by seven points. Obviously, he is not the Governor of Florida.
“And I don’t mean to pick on Quinnipiac. You know, a lot of people got it wrong. The bottom line is that I think if you look at some of the fundamentals, whether it’s registration or enthusiasm on the ground, obviously, I think the President is going to do very well in Florida. I expect him to win Florida. And obviously, you know, we need to win Florida to win the presidency. But we can’t just win it with Florida. We’ve got to win in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and all of these other places.
“And I could say that about this election, and I could say it about 2016 and 2012, and all the way back to 2000 as we all well remember. So, you know, I think it’s going to be close, but I think the President will win in the end. No one is going to win Florida by five points either way, we’re not that kind of state. A one or two point win in Florida is a big win.” 
On the reason why Joe Biden is unfit to be our next President:  
“That this country faces extraordinary threats from a pandemic, China, Russia, from Iran, from terrorists, and Joe Biden is too weak to confront them. He is too weak to confront those threats and he is too weak to confront the radical elements in his own party that will demand radical action.
“He is not strong enough for a moment like this and that’s why he can’t be our next President.”