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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Tucker Carlson

Feb 12, 2021 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News to discuss President Joe Biden’s potential Florida travel ban. See below for highlights and watch the video here.

On President Joe Biden’s potential Florida travel ban: 
“It’s actually quite ironic. The day after Donald Trump imposed the China travel ban, Joe Biden accused him of xenophobia. Then in March he tweeted out that travel bans anywhere in the world do not work. But now, he wants to impose them on American citizens. Tonight if you arrive at the U.S. southern border with a child, you will be allowed entry to the country, you will be allowed to stay here pending an asylum trial or hearing that you may never show up for.  
“But if you are an American citizen living in Florida that wants to travel, they’re going to put some form of restriction in your way. It’s clearly unconstitutional. We should also pass a law here making clear this is not within the power of an administration to do. You can’t just stand in the way of the ability of Americans to travel freely in their country for something that, by the way, is not supported by the science. 
“I think they are trying to punish Florida. I think they’re embarrassed by what Florida has done. Florida has embarrassed California. Florida has embarrassed New York. It hosted a Super Bowl with actual people in the stands. The predictions about Florida didn’t come true. And they are  like, we can’t let this stand, we have to come up with something. I honestly think there is an element of that that involves punishment, I really do.”
On people moving to Florida from other parts of the country: 
“We have never had people move from Florida to California. They are coming from California… The airlines have rerouted a bunch of flights to Florida, to all kinds of communities. People are telling you what they think about what’s going on in these states, and it’s not just pandemic — it’s streets that are not liveable anymore, garbage that isn’t being picked up, anarchy in the streets, it’s more than just pandemic. The pandemic is terrible… 
“There are kids in California that haven’t gone to school. I read these tweets about a lot of these kids that were high school football prospects who have lost their senior year, they’re just stuck, all wiped out, and on top of that, they had a terrible record on COVID.”
On bailing out states and COVID relief: 
“Those are pre-existing debts. We should not be in the business of saying, you were already in trouble to begin with, this is a good opportunity to get you a bunch of money so that you can help fund all the mismanagement and terrible union contracts, all the mess you have made of your cities or your state. This is not about helping a city that needs help, that’s one thing — let’s say their tax base was wiped out by the pandemic. This is about pre-existing debt, in the billions of dollars, pension plans that are bankrupting cities and states and counties across the country. And now they see this as the latest opportunity to get bailed out.”