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ICYMI: Rubio Joins The Guy Benson Show

Aug 1, 2023 | Press Releases

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined The Guy Benson Show to discuss his move to ban taxpayer dollars for electric vehicles from going to Chinese companies, the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in the United States, and the Hunter Biden case. See below for highlights and listen to the full interview here.

On the senator’s recent move to ban taxpayer dollars for electric vehicles from going to Chinese companies:

“All this money’s out there to push [electric cars] and get more people to buy them. As it turns out, you really can’t make them or buy them without components, critical components, coming from China. So in essence, what you’re seeing is American taxpayer dollars are going to flow to these companies. 

“We need to prevent that from happening. Why would we pass a law to incentivize American dollars being spent to…give the Chinese a bigger advantage in this field? 

“[The Chinese will use that advantage] to not just expand [their] businesses and command global dominance, but also to use whatever development they get from those new investments to help their military. [China] is not like here, where if some private American company innovates some product, and if the military wants to use it, you’ve got to pay them for it and all that. In China, anything they develop for civilian use is going to be transferred to the military and vice versa. It’s all fused together. There is no separation there. 

“So it makes absolutely no sense to pass a law that incentivizes American investment and American dollars flowing to help China build another industry in which they will dominate the production and, in this case, innovation.”

On the Chinese Communist Party’s influence in the United States:

“[The Chinese Communist Party’s influence] extends everywhere…. You can’t make a major movie in Hollywood today without taking into account what the Chinese censors are going to say about the movie. Because if it’s not going to be distributed in China, the producers don’t want to produce it. They’ll censor content for that purpose. So it’s reached everywhere here. 

“The bottom line is this. They have an all-of-the-above strategy. [They are] all hands on deck. [They have] a 50-year, 30-year and 20-year plan. And they’ve taken advantage of our openness. 

“We have in our country a bunch of people in charge of important things who aren’t all that patriotic or don’t really look out for America on these things. But more importantly, they’re looking for the money they can make off of this. They’re not even thinking, is it bad for America, good for America? [They’re thinking,] how much money can I make on it? 

“The Federal Thrift Savings Plan, which is basically the 401k for all federal workers, is investing money in Chinese companies in the Chinese stock market, including Chinese companies that are innovating weapons for the military. I tried to put a stop to it, and it got voted down. Almost every Democrat voted against it. It’s easy to talk tough on China, like a lot of people try to do. But when the moment of truth comes, the people that are making money off of these investments…all stand up and fight against it. 

“The Chinese have played our system against us. They have used capitalism, and they have used the openness of our society, against us. We still don’t have enough serious people in government who want to do anything about it.”

On the Hunter Biden case:

“I think common sense tells you that somebody like Hunter Biden would not make one tenth of the money he made had his last name not been Biden. So the first question is, was the vice president at the time, now president, in on it? Was he helping him to make this money? And if he was, he’s obviously misled the American people and potentially even traded on his office [as] vice president for policy changes. 

“But here’s the other piece that people have to understand. Let’s suppose Hunter or even Joe Biden was involved at some level in making all this money from China when he was vice president, or when he was out of office. He’s now said something inconsistent. Who would know that? The Chinese will know that. They will know. They will have emails. They will have all the evidence that that happened. 

“Now, imagine them holding that over the head of a U.S. president, saying, this is the kind of stuff we’re going to release and make sure gets out there if you don’t do what we want you to do on public policy. Extortion, blackmail. That is what you open yourself up to. 

“Now, all of these things require evidence and proof. I think the House is doing an excellent job. But it’s not easy. You have to understand that everybody involved in this, including the national media, has tried everything possible to ignore this story. Only last week did they begin to have to report on it, because an open court that holds a plea deal fell apart. But the House has been the one that slowly, but surely, has been putting these things out there in the public domain….

“I think the third question here, apart from the blackmail, apart from the potential undue influence and the like, is, are there two systems of government? How did our law enforcement agencies handle these accusations? Did they handle them the way they’ve done with the Trump stuff or any other stuff, or did they handle them differently? Because you can’t have a two-tiered system of justice, one for Democrats and one for Republicans. That’s another question that would need to be answered. 

“Those are the three things that to me matter here. I think there’s more attention being paid to it because the evidence has started to mount, and the information has started to mount. It’s hard to ignore it. But we’ll see where it leads.”