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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Preston Scott on the Tallahassee Morning Show

Jan 28, 2021 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio joined Preston Scott on the Tallahassee Morning Show to discuss the first seven days of the Biden Administration, President Joe Biden’s plans to pack the court and use emergency powers on climate change, and more. See below for highlights. 
On the first week of the Biden Administration: 
“This week, the guy that told us we didn’t need to wear masks in March now says we need to wear two of them if we can. We learned that climate change, not COVID, is the most immediate public health threat facing the country. Just like COVID, we learned that to address [climate change], we have to put thousands of people out of work right away. And we learned that if individuals get together online and buy stocks that are being manipulated by hedge funds, there might even be white supremacists that are doing that… If that’s the first seven days, I can’t imagine the next seven.”
“The first seven days have not been promising, it’s been a checklist of radical left things. What I can’t tell you is if these are the things he’s doing now to build up political capital for the deals he’s going to have to make later on things like COVID relief… or whether this is the trend line we’re going to see for the entire Administration.”
On balancing COVID relief and the national debt: 
“It will cost us money in the long term and the mid term and the short term if we don’t do something to prevent architectural damage, structural damage to the economy because it could take industries years to come back. 
“The tipping point for me is when you start saying well here’s an opportunity to spend a bunch of money and do a bunch of things that have nothing to do with COVID or are tangentially related to COVID. So no matter how you feel about raising the minimum wage, that’s not a COVID measure. No matter how you feel about what we should be doing about climate change, that’s not a COVID measure.”
On court-packing: 
“As far back as 2019, I filed a constitutional amendment to prevent packing the court… I filed the same bill again, obviously with the Democrats picking up votes, it’s going to be harder to pass it… The President has already started staffing a commission to do that.”
On the Biden Administration using emergency powers for climate change:
“[Democrats] are teeing it up. They are arguing that climate change is one of the most significant national security challenges we’re facing, and I think the next step is going to be let’s take money out of the military and pour it into climate change initiatives.”
On future elections: 
“You’ve got these national elections of great importance that are being decided based on individual states, some of whom are ignoring their own laws… fraud is very difficult to prove, nearly impossible in many cases… that’s why these laws are so important. But even if fraud is not occurring, it’s important for public confidence. We have seen what happens when questions are raised about the legitimacy of an election, and we’re going to have a lot of close elections in this country for the foreseeable future.”