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ICYMI: Rubio Joins National Report

Jun 22, 2022 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined National Report to discuss the Senate gun legislation, the Biden Administration’s refusal to take ownership of high gas prices, and more. See below for highlights and watch the full interview here


On the text of the bipartisan gun reform legislation:
“I have one fundamental concern. We have a red flag law in Florida passed by a Republican state legislature. It’s a responsible law. It says only law enforcement can pursue it. You get hearings. There’s all kinds of due process. They’re not permanent.… The way it’s primarily worked is two things. It’s prevented people from killing themselves, [if] someone’s suicidal [and] their family’s desperate to prevent that from happening. And if somebody’s out there saying, ‘Look, we’re going to shoot up the school and kill a bunch of people,’ it allows you to take steps in that regard as well.
“What I’m concerned about is the way laws in other states are written. Red flag laws, for example, in states where your coworker can take you to court and try to take away your gun, so you can almost envision a scenario where the due process provisions are not strong enough, then you could have your coworkers taking you to court, harassing gun owners, shopping for the right judge who’s anti-gun to begin with, and suddenly we have an abuse of this and a big, big problem. 
“States have the right to pass those laws already. … The federal government should not be funding those kinds of laws, incentivizing those kinds of laws without due process, in state after state. I’ll look through this very carefully…. I have some questions I need answered and we’ll see how this plays out. But obviously, we’re always going to move very cautiously because the Second Amendment right of Americans is not an option. It is a constitutional right.”
On the federal government’s role as enforcer of the woke agenda: 
“I’m not surprised by polls like that and things I hear from people because the federal government in particular has become the enforcer of woke ideology in America. School districts are going to lose their lunch money if they don’t follow their transgender agenda. Police departments are going to lose their money. You’ve seen the military be turned into a place where woke ideology is now promoted, both publicly and in the academies. People are looking at it and saying, ‘All right, the government has now been deputized into the role of an enforcer for this leftist ideology.’ So, people are increasingly suspicious and doubtful of and quite frankly, in many cases, alienated from government and from institutions they once trusted. 
On ways to prevent future massacres:
“As far as these laws are concerned, here’s the goal. The only way to stop these things is to identify dangerous people and stop them before they act. If they do act, to not make schools an easy place to just walk in and massacre people. We’ve learned in the last 24 hours that in Texas they were in position to prevent this and stop this from happening. Police chose not to act. In New York, they do have a red flag law and that didn’t stop that lunatic from killing people over there. 
“Ultimately, the challenge with gun laws is criminals will continue to violate them, because they’re criminals and that’s what criminals do. Only law abiding people are infringed by them. The goal here is to protect us from dangerous criminals without infringing on the constitutional rights of law abiding Americans. It’s a very difficult balancing act to get right. We’ll always look very carefully at this red flag law. I do think some red flag law[s] can work if they have the right due process. But they have to be very clearly written and if they’re not, then that’s something I won’t be able to support.”
On the Biden Administration’s refusal to take ownership of high gas prices:
“Every week [the Biden Administration] rolls out a new gimmick. At one point, it was Putin’s fault. Then they rolled out the argument that the corporations were making too much money. The next week the corporations were holding back on refining. Now it’s this gimmick. The bottom line is, none of these gimmicks will solve this problem. 
“There is only one way to lower the cost of gasoline, and that is to produce more of it. We are blessed to live in a country that has the ability to do it, but we’re not doing it and we’re not going to do it because this administration is hostile to that industry. They’ve told them, ‘We’re going to put you out of business in 10 years,’ but they expect them to somehow ramp up production in the short term. They have made it impossible to drill and impossible to get permits to transport this. They are hostile to the industry because they want everyone driving electric cars and riding buses. As long as people like that are in charge, we’re going to have this problem. This is a supply problem and the administration’s gimmicks are not going to solve that.”