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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Hannity

Feb 8, 2023 | Press Releases

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Hannity to discuss President Biden’s State of the Union speech. Watch the full interview on YouTube and Rumble.

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On President Biden’s bizarre lines during the State of the Union address:
“It was a bizarre speech all the way around. There were a lot of bizarre lines tonight. One of them had to do with China, when [President Biden] screamed into the camera, ‘Name me one world leader that would trade places with President Xi.’ Basically any dictator on the planet would love to be the president for life of the second largest economy in the world and a rapidly growing military that can fly balloons over the continental United States and have nothing happen to them. 
“Tonight [Biden] recognized Paul Pelosi. [The assault on Paul Pelosi] was a horrible attack that no one was in favor of. [But Biden] completely ignores the fact that sitting right in front of him is Brett Kavanaugh. An assassin was arrested within steps of Brett Kavanaugh’s door. He completely ignored that. 
“He attacked Big Pharma, smeared them up and down. I’m not always a big fan of Big Pharma, but then he takes credit and brags about a vaccine that they made billions on because he fired [any employee who wouldn’t use it]. He went after Big Oil. ‘You should be reinvesting your profits before I, Joe Biden, put you out of business over the next 10 years.’ It was just a really bizarre statement. 
“Let me tell you what you didn’t hear about tonight…. You didn’t hear a lot of talk about pregnant men tonight. You didn’t hear a lot of talk about some of these crazy things, because they’re pivoting now to an election mode, and they know all that stuff is toxic. They’ll try to pretend it’s not happening, but it remains at the core and at the heart of their administration. 
“Not a lot of woke talk tonight, except for the climate stuff, which, by the way—he doesn’t tell you—benefits China, who will make the batteries, who will now dominate the solar panel industry, and who will continue to build more coal-fired plants than all the other countries of the world combined. 
“It was a bizarre speech with a lot of silly lines and some really ridiculous ones. Perhaps the craziest of all is the threat to veto any national abortion ban passed by Chuck Schumer’s Democratic Senate. He screams it so you can see how strong he is about it. It was bizarre.”
On whether the Biden family’s business connections to Communist China should be made public:
“I think we should know [those details] about any American public official, especially if they’re compromised or there’s leverage on them in regards to these deals and things that could be revealed. I would want to know that about anybody, obviously [including] the president.”
On the Biden Administration’s flawed view of Communist China:
“Joe Biden and many people in his administration are a product of a failed belief, that frankly existed in both political parties, that somehow once China got into the world system of trade, they would become like us. They would start following the rules, they would become a democracy, they would play by those rules. [Biden] is a product of that. He was a defender of that for a long, long time. 
“It’s just not in [the administration’s] DNA, it’s not natural for them to confront the reality that that approach failed. You’re seeing it play out. [Biden] knows what’s popular. He knows what people want to hear. But [the administration’s] actions don’t reflect [their rhetoric].”