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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Hannity

Mar 19, 2024 | Press Releases

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Hannity to discuss the dangers of illegal immigration and Congress’s push to sever TikTok from ByteDance. Watch the full interview on YouTube and Rumble.

On the court decision ruling illegal immigrants can possess guns:

“This is a ruling by an Obama-appointed judge, I believe. What they’re trying to do is blur the line between citizens and people that are here illegally. You’ve seen cities, for example, make an effort to allow people that are in this country illegally, that aren’t even citizens, to vote. This case is another example. You almost wonder if it’s being done to mock both gun laws and the whole understanding of the value of being a citizen of the United States of America. 

“There has to be a distinction between citizenship and non-citizenship, between being legally here and not legally here. If there’s no distinction between being here legally or illegally, and there’s no distinction between being a citizen or not being a citizen, then what’s the point of even having citizenship? What’s the point of even having immigration laws? This is just one more mockery that we’re finding in our court system. Luckily, I expect that this is going to be appealed and overturned at some point, because it’s an absurd outcome.”

On the dangers of President Biden’s open border policy:

“It’s inevitable that something horrific will happen in this country as a result of our open border. It’s only a matter of time. I wouldn’t focus too much on the terror watch list, because that’s not a comprehensive list. That’s just a list of people we know are wanted for links to terrorism. But it is not comprehensive. 

“There’s trafficking networks that operate all over the world. We know that there are trafficking networks with ties to ISIS and al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations who, as a way to generate money, move migrants to the United States. Now, you’re telling me they’re not willing to move some of their own into this country? Of course they do. It’s just common sense. And it’s logical that if you’re a terrorist, you’re trying to get into America in order to conduct an attack. You know that you can do it by simply crossing the border, and you can do it with fake documents and passports that you can buy. There’s no way to verify if these documents are accurate. It’s not really the person, but it’s a real document. They bribe someone to produce them. 

“The Biden Administration is playing with fire here. It’s only a matter of time before something terrible happens. Why are they doing this? Because there is an element of the Democratic Party that believes in open borders. They believe people should be allowed to live anywhere in the world they want to live, and that no country should be able to prevent people from coming in and going out as they please. They believe these things. Some of them even admit that they believe these things. That’s a big part of the Democratic base. He’s afraid to lose their support. He’s already lost the pro-Hamas people, and now he’s afraid to lose these guys.”

On Congress’s push to sever TikTok from ByteDance:

“TikTok is not the issue. TikTok is a social media app. That app is powered by an algorithm that picks the videos you see. It literally reads your mind, and it knows what you like before you even know you like it. It picks the videos. It drives the content. It’s the golden goose of the whole operation. It’s owned by a company named ByteDance. That company, ByteDance, is a Chinese company. 

“I don’t care who’s on the board of directors. I don’t care who their shareholders are. Every company in China has to comply with the 2017 National Security Law of China. And that law says, ‘You must give us the data, and you must do with your algorithm whatever we tell you to do.’ If the Chinese Communist Party goes to ByteDance and says, ‘We want you to change the TikTok algorithm so that Americans will not be willing to defend Taiwan or surrender to China on this or that, or poison the minds of young Americans over a long period of time so that their society crumbles,’ if they tell them that they have to do that, ByteDance will have to do that, they will do that. And you will not be able to perceive it. 

“It doesn’t even matter where you store the data, because those engineers at ByteDance have to have access to that data in order for the algorithm to work. What I support is saying, ‘TikTok can continue, it just can’t be owned by ByteDance.’ TikTok has to be sold to a company that’s not in China and not subject to the national security laws of China. That’s what we’re trying to achieve here.”