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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Hannity

Jul 11, 2023 | Press Releases

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Hannity to discuss the finding of cocaine in the White House, the rise of China, and unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). Watch the full interview on YouTube and Rumble.

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On the finding of cocaine in the White House:
“If you asked the security people at the White House, who was in the White House at 12:35 p.m., I’m just using that time [as an example], on a Friday afternoon, they can tell you. Every single person that goes in there is logged in, is logged out. They know where the president is at all times. They know where the family is at all times. 
“The idea that someone would walk into the White House with cocaine powder, drop it off somewhere, and they not…be able to narrow it down [from] the 25 people on the planet who were in that area or had access to that area during a defined period of time, is ridiculous. It’s absurd. It’s just not true. 
“That’s the first problem. The second problem is, if you are a Communist Party of China leader sitting in Beijing, because you read and you watch the press, you see all of these things. Here’s what you’ve seen over the weekend. Cocaine was found at the White House. Then the president had this fight with a beach chair over there, and he just looked like he could barely move. Then he goes to London and embarrasses himself. Then the report tonight. Add to that all the other things that have happened. 
“On the human side, you feel bad for the guy. It’s not his fault that he’s 80. But you also have to acknowledge that our friends, our allies around the world see all of this, and their confidence is shaken about the person in charge. And our enemies see it, too, like China. And they will be emboldened by it. This is very serious, but it is part of a much broader collection of things. 
“The last point I would make is, if this was four or five years ago, and the report’s out where cocaine was found in the Trump White House, that is all we would hear about. That is all they would ask about. That is all I would be asked about in the hallways of the Capitol on a regular basis.”
On the rise of China:
“The Biden foreign policy – and to be fair, there are still people in the Republican Party that believe in all this – is constructed on this belief that China and the United States are going to be able to work this all out. Nobody wants a war here. But what we can’t forget, and what we can’t ignore, is the fundamental fact that China intends to be the world’s most powerful country. 
“They believe that’s the trajectory they’re on. They believe that’s their rightful place. They’re very confident of that…. [China] would like to avoid any conflicts or controversies in the short term, because they think that might impede their rise. But they are very confident in their rise, and they believe America is a hollowed-out power, a decadent power, a collapsing power, and that all they need to do is continue to grow and allow us to self-destruct. 
“There’s way too many people still in American government who are products of 20 and 30 years of policy failure, the same policy failure that saw millions of American jobs and factories completely leave this country and go to China. We have single-handedly helped the Chinese build their middle [and working] class at the expense of ours.”
On reports of UAP and efforts to understand what is happening: 
“We have people that have very high clearances both today and in the past, who did really important work for our government or continue to do important work for the government, who have come forward with claims about the U.S. recovering exotic materials and then reverse engineering those materials to make advances in our own defenses and technologies. Those are the claims that have been made, but I don’t know if those claims are true or not. 
“What I do know is that one of two things is happening here. Either they’re telling the truth, which obviously would be the biggest story in human history, or we have people in really important positions in government who are crazy, and who are out there making up stories, and who are still in positions of importance. Either [scenario] is a big problem. We’ve got to figure out which one of these two [scenarios is true], because the second one in particular would be very troubling. 
“All we know are the claims that people have made. Again, these are credible people that have done and continue to do important work for the country. By law, we’re required, when they come forward as whistleblowers, to take their claims seriously and investigate them. We just don’t know [what’s happening]. That’s the answer.”