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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Hannity

Apr 12, 2023 | Press Releases

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Hannity to discuss the global perception of America, China, and more. Watch the full interview on YouTube and Rumble.

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On America’s declining international image:
“We have a world that realizes we have a president that can barely put together complete sentences—appears incoherent, oftentimes doesn’t even know where he is—that allowed spy balloons to be flown over our head, that abandoned billions of dollars of American military equipment left over into the hands of the Taliban, and [that] spends all day talking about electric vehicles and solar panels that he knows we’re going to have to buy from China. 
“We have a justice system that indicts political opponents and former presidents and leading presidential candidates, a justice system that infiltrates sources and tries to spy on Catholic churches but allows criminals to destroy San Francisco, Baltimore, Detroit, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, and Manhattan, you name it. 
“We have a military that doesn’t spend its time talking about new weapons systems or how to care for veterans that are committing suicides at historic rates. They spend their time talking about transgender issues and all kinds of racial disparity stuff, not defending our country.
“We have a media that’s become a joke, a media that’s wasted two and a half years of our time on a Russia collusion situation. Then they moved on from that to cover up the Hunter Biden situation. That’s now a full blown investigation. 
“Our universities are a forum for crazy things to happen. You can’t even speak on a university campus. People [are] being assaulted by men wearing dresses. And [there are] these violent protests and shutting down speech. And our culture is focused on the fact that now some man pretending to be a woman gets paid millions of dollars to sell Nike Sports Bras and Bud Light. 
“The world looks at that and says, ‘This place is a laughing stock.’ And they react to it. I could go on for an hour about all the things that we are being embarrassed [about] on the world stage. Our adversaries are taking advantage of it, and our friends are saying, ‘We may have to go on on our own here, because these guys look like they’re about to commit societal suicide.’”
On how Rubio interprets China’s threats over Taiwan:
“I interpret it two ways. Number one is there’s a capability gap that we have to close. We haven’t invested in the things we need to, because we’ve been focused on the Middle East. We’ve been focused on other parts of the world. There are things we’re going to need to do to create deterrence against China and those systems that they’re building. 
“But one thing is ability, and the other thing is willingness. And I want to be honest here. I don’t care if you’re a left-wing Democrat. I don’t care if you voted for Democrats. Ask yourself this honestly. Do we truly believe that the Chinese Communist Party and Xi Jinping are intimidated by Joe Biden and this administration? Do we really think that? 
“I think people need to be honest about that. This is not a president or an administration that commands respect, much less fear or concern on the part of our adversaries. That’s why it’s no [coincidence] that the Taliban moved in the way they did and gave us 72 hours to leave Afghanistan before they threatened to slaughter us. It’s no coincidence that Putin moves on Ukraine, and it’s no coincidence that China’s ramping all this up right now. 
“This administration looks like an incompetent band of fools, and it is embarrassing us in the eyes of the world. And it is encouraging our adversaries, and it is causing our allies—or former allies—or friends to say: ‘We can’t count on these people anymore. They’ve gone nuts over there. They’re destroying their own country. We better look out for ourselves.’”
On why Saudi Arabia cut a deal with Iran brokered by China:
“The Saudis’ mortal enemy is the Shia in Iran. And here’s the United States trying to cut a deal with Iran on nuclear weapons, despite the fact that Iran is trying to kill former Trump officials. What Saudi Arabia is saying is, ‘If you’re going to cut a deal with them, we’re going to cut a deal before you cut a deal, and we’re going to spread our risk.’ 
“What Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and countries all over the world are doing now is distributing risk. They want to deposit a little bit of goodwill in every bucket to see how things turn out. They are basically hedging their bets, because, at least as long as Joe Biden is in the White House, they don’t know what to expect. They turn on the news, and they watch it, and they read our newspapers, and all they read is craziness from what happens in our culture, what’s happening in our society, our universities, our justice system, the administration, our military, you name it. 
“There is no part of our country anymore that has not been turned into a laughing stock in the eyes of the world. The catalyst to this is the radical Left that finds a home in this White House, and…which embarrasses [America] every day.”
On whether Communist China will invade Taiwan:
“I think we still have very significant capabilities, but that doesn’t mean the Chinese won’t go anyway. That’s how important Taiwan is to them. But again, none of your capabilities matter in the eyes of the Chinese if they don’t think you have the willingness to do it. 
“If the United States wouldn’t even tell the Taliban, ‘We were planning to leave anyway, but you’re going to give us a month, because we have people and things that we’ve got to get out of this country,’ and instead agreed to a 72-hour, ridiculous time frame that they gave us to leave and left all that equipment behind—if we couldn’t even handle the Taliban, a bunch of guys running around wearing robes, [do] you think the Chinese are worried about Biden coming after them in a conflict like this? 
“They question our willingness. They think our culture and our society is broken and weak. And they think the guy in the White House, and rightfully so, doesn’t have the willingness to do any of the tough things, because he’s too focused on promoting some radical agenda domestically and talking about outdated things around the world, when [those things] even make sense.”
On whether the U.S. would help Taiwan in the case of an invasion:
“I think the answer to your question depends on who the president is. Do I believe this administration [would protect Taiwan], given what they are focused on on a daily basis? No, I don’t think that they would. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think that they will. I don’t think that they will, because I think ultimately they’ll be caught by surprise. They’ll be limited in their responses by a bunch of different things, including in their own party. And at the end, it won’t matter, because they won’t be prepared to do it…. 
“And by the way, the leverage that they’ve given the Chinese overseas is more than just military. When you’re saying that you’re going to build our entire energy grid on things that we depend on the Chinese for, how are you going to possibly go to war with them if they cut you off? We don’t have oil, we don’t have gas anymore, because you can’t produce it under Joe Biden. We’re going to have batteries and solar panels made in China. That’s all the leverage they need to ensure that we don’t get involved, security-wise.”
On whether this is the most dangerous time since the Cold War:
“Without a doubt. Not only the most dangerous, the most important. The 21st century is being defined right now. And unfortunately, the people in charge of American foreign policy, and domestic policy, for that matter, are turning our country into a laughing stock.”