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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Fox News Primetime

Oct 7, 2021 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Ben Domenech on Fox News Primetime to discuss the politicization of the DOJ and his letter urging President Joe Biden to fire Vice President Kamala Harris as ‘Border Czar.’ See below for highlights and watch the full interview here

On the politicization of the DOJ: 
“First of all, it’s alarming. And second of all, hypocritical. It’s alarming because this idea that somehow if parents show up at a school board [meeting] to complain, and if somebody there decides we don’t like his tone of voice, we don’t like how loud he is speaking, or how often he shows up, you can be reported. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, which should be focused on things like organized crime–things like drug traffickers, things like terrorism and others who seek to harm this country–is now going to divert resources to investigate parents because they scream too loudly or maybe even be rude at school board hearing. 
“And, [it’s] hypocritical. Very few senators, members on the right, members of Congress, as well who have not been harassed in their private lives. Now, obviously you just interviewed Senator Paul, and he has gone through some pretty extreme situations. But I personally had people show up at my home when I’m there or not there. They don’t respect if you are home. I have had people there confront my family at my home. We don’t make videos out of it but they sometimes do. 
“I was here a couple years ago when the Supreme Court hearings were going on, senators were being chased into elevators and down the hall. The way it was covered by a lot of people in the press was, ‘you get what you deserve, you deserve to be run out.’ And, in fact, you had Maxine Waters and others on television basically saying, ‘If you see these people out in public, scream at them. Don’t just be nasty and rude to them. Try to intimidate them.’ [Democrats] have normalized this behavior when it comes to left wing protesters, but then when a parent speaks out about a school board [meeting], they want to stick the FBI on them.
“This is crazy. If you would have told me five years ago this was going to happen, I would say there is no way something like this would happen. It’s happening.
“I don’t think having a security detail for every member of Congress is possible… You couldn’t afford it and couldn’t hire enough people to do it. It wouldn’t be practical. What is going to happen here is something terrible is going to happen eventually, because we have basically normalized this behavior. Understand, it’s hypocritical because the left says if you are doing it to someone on the right, they deserve it. If you are doing it to someone on the left, or someone who comes from their agenda, you should be investigated. I never thought I would live to see the day that this kind of thing would be happening in this country. But it is.” 
On Rubio’s letter to President Biden urging him to fire Kamala Harris as ‘Border Czar’: 
“Kamala Harris shouldn’t be the ‘Border Czar.’ She isn’t doing anything. If she is the one who is actually running this, they need to find somebody else…  Just Haitian migrants alone, there’s between 90 and 120 thousand Haitian migrants, some of whom have been living in Chile or Ecuador for the better part of 10 year, those countries ran out of jobs, and so now they are looking to make the journey north. They’re at various stages of transit. We are being told that country after country and the region [as a whole]. That’s just from Haiti alone. Not to mention 9 other places. 
“If you talk to people at the border, people that have crossed, they will all tell you the same thing: they expect to get into the United States, they expect to enter, they expect to be released pending an asylum hearing that many have no intention to show up for. And when they make the journey, they call back home, they let other people know about it and it encourages more people to do the same. 
“This is a rolling catastrophe. We’re going to continue to see incidents like what we saw just two weeks ago. And my heart breaks for people from Haiti and all over the world, but no nation on Earth can have the open border we basically have now and just tell anyone who wants to come to please show up. You can’t do it. But that’s what this Administration thinks they are going to do. And if Kamala Harris is the one in charge of this, they need to find somebody else and fast.”