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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Fox & Friends

May 26, 2021 | Press Releases

Washington, D.C. — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Fox & Friends to discuss the origin of COVID-19 and the radical education agenda of social Marxists. 
See below for highlights and watch the interview here

On the origin of COVID-19: 
“First of all, it has always been true that it has been just as likely that this was the result of someone who was infected during an experiment at the Wuhan lab than it was that it came from an animal to a human at some food market. Both have always been equally likely, and I would argue that there’s actually some evidence that it was likelier that it was a lab accident, given everything we know about the Wuhan lab and knew for over a year and a half.
“The second thing that we need to know about this is there are people who have had Facebook posts removed and tweets deleted and criticized and smeared by the press for making that argument going back a year ago.
“The third thing I would say is that the World Health Organization is not capable of undertaking this investigation because, frankly, the Chinese won’t allow it. I think it’s quite possible that the Chinese government, the Communist Party itself doesn’t exactly know what happened because they don’t have a system where if you were in the Wuhan lab and you somehow had an accident and this caused the problem, you’re going to self-report it.
“People like that get fired. They disappear. But they certainly think or at least believe it was likely that it was the case. And if they do, then they don’t want anyone to know about it. They’ll try to cover it up. There’s no way that the Chinese Communist Party is going to turn over any of the information that would be needed in order to have a serious investigation.
“And the more that they do that, the more I think you’ve got to start concluding that in fact they had some role to play in how this happened. We already know they covered it up. Who’s patient zero? No one’s ever been able to say this is the person that got infected by an animal and move forward from that. That alone I think is pretty indicative that they themselves consider the lab theory to be the likeliest one at this point, and there’s no way they’re ever going to turn over information that proves that. It would be too humiliating for them. That’s not the culture they have politically and, frankly, that’s not the reputation they want to have around the world.”
On President Biden’s new interest in finding the origin of COVID-19: 
“I think now the evidence is beginning to mount that this was likely the case. I encourage people to go back about a month and a half at an open intelligence hearing. I asked the Director of National Intelligence. I said, ‘Is it not true that both theories, the lab theory and the naturally-occurring theory, are both equally probable and we really don’t know which one of the two it is?’ and she answered, ‘Yes, they’re both equally likely and we don’t know which one it is.’ That was a month ago.
“Some of the people involved in public health in this country spoke with such a level of certainty about this a year and a half ago and, not just spoke with certainty, but basically called anyone who disagreed with them a kook, a conspiracy theorist, a crazy person. And what that does, along with other things that happened from public health officials in the last year, is it undermines the public’s confidence in our public health officials and in our public health system.
“And so, what this does in the future, we’re going to have other pandemics and other serious public health crises. People are going to be less likely to listen to them, because they’re going to remember how many times they were either lied to or the truth was kept from them because they think the American people are little children who cannot be told the truth.”
On the University of Central Florida’s ‘social justice’ graduate degree program: 
“Well first, we have to understand what we’re saying here. We call it wokeness, social justice, whatever it may be. Look, it’s a theory that says the following: the world is divided up between oppressors and the oppressed, and that’s the story of America in their mind. Oppressors and the oppressed, OK?
“The system, our system of economics, our government, our laws, our educational system, everything is — traditional marriage, religion, is all designed to benefit the oppressor at the expense of the oppressed.
“All the oppressors are bad. It doesn’t matter what you are individually. All of them are bad and all the oppressed are good. It doesn’t matter what they do individually. And so, the answer is that the whole system has to be torn down, including capitalism, and replaced with something else.
“That’s what they call social justice. That’s the brand and that’s a name they’ve created for it. But what it really is is Neo-Marxism. What it really is is cultural Marxism. It is another way to tear apart capitalism and the American way of life.
“I don’t think we should be teaching that. Here’s what I think we should be teaching people at universities. I think we should be teaching them engineering. I think we should be teaching them biology. I think we should be teaching them science, engineering, math, other technological fields. 
“I think we should be teaching people the skills they need to find a good paying job and contribute to their community, their families, and their country in the 21st century. That’s why we have universities; that’s why we have college degrees. Not to train a generation of cultural Marxist activists, but to train people so they can go out and find jobs that are good for them, good for their families, and good for the country. That’s why we do this. 
“And why we should be subsidizing, why the American taxpayer, why Florida’s taxpayers should be subsidizing teaching our young students how to hate America, how to hate everything about our history, how to divide and hate one another, how our identity is not American but the color of our skin — why we should be spending taxpayer money to teach these things that are destructive, not to mention untrue, is beyond me. I don’t understand why that’s happening and I hope it’s corrected. 
“I think you’re going to see this emerge in more places because the faculty in a lot these universities, frankly, are filled with just nutty, crazy people who now, you know, many — you can’t even fire them unless they murder three people.”