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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Fox & Friends

Nov 29, 2022 | Press Releases

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Fox & Friends to discuss the anti-lockdown protests in China and the Biden Administration’s decision to do business with the Maduro narco-regime in Venezuela instead of developing America’s natural resources. See below for highlights and watch the full interview here


On Chinese state media’s allegation that communist rule is superior to American government:

“That comment you just read from the Chinese government sounds a lot like the left-wing talking points we actually often get hit with here in Washington and across the country in America. I’m also reminded of the early days of COVID, when Trump was in the White House, and the media here was going on about how much of a better job China was doing than America dealing with COVID…. 

“But what we’re learning is that the people of China are human beings. Human beings don’t like to be locked up. They don’t like to be told they can’t go out, they can’t go to work, they can’t socialize, they can’t go see family members, they can’t go to entertainment and have fun, for long periods of time by their government. In every country in the world where that’s been tried, people have rebelled, even in a totalitarian state like China. We’re now seeing that play out. 

“I think these things are going to continue, and the reaction of the Chinese government should be a wake up call to the world. These people want to be the most powerful country in the world. If they do that to their own people, what will they do to you?”

On the White House’s response to the anti-lockdown protests in China:

“I think it’s very weak. Part of it is the self-awareness that there are people in the party of the president, the Democratic Party, who are governors, mayors, people in different parts of the country, who actually wanted people arrested, and in some cases did [arrest people], who wanted people fined and businesses closed, who had people removed from airplanes, who had…all kinds of restrictions. 

“Now, nothing compares to what the Chinese are willing to do to someone. So I’m not making that comparison. But I think [White House spokesperson John Kirby] is self-aware that he can’t go too far in criticizing some of these restrictions, because it wasn’t so long ago that, in this very country, there were governors and mayors and even federal officials who wanted to see very strict enforcement of COVID regulations at a time when, frankly, we had what was, in many parts of the country, COVID-zero type policies. Nothing like China, of course, but basically in the same spirit.”

On the White House’s claim that oil and gas companies have ample opportunity to drill in the United States: 

“The problem with the [drilling] permits is, number one, [companies] are getting sued by activists, so they get tied up in court. Number two, banks won’t lend you money. [Activists] have told banks to deplatform and not to help these people get loans or capital investment for that drilling. And third, you’ve got a president going around saying he’s going to put fossil fuels out of business. 

“So who’s going to undertake the expense? They’re never going to make the money back. That’s the part [the White House is] not telling. [Companies may] get a permit because they qualify, but the permit alone is not what you need for drilling. You actually need to be able to invest money in it, and you have to have a long-term return on it, in order to make it happen.”

On the Biden Administration’s concessions to the Maduro narco-regime:

“Four to five million Venezuelans have had to leave the country in the last five years. [The Maduro regime] torture[s] people in jail. They’re anti-American. They host Iranian forces on their soil. They invite the Russians in. They are the source of harm in this hemisphere. They have harmed all of their neighbors as a result of it. And these concessions by the Biden Administration are all about getting closer to them, because [the administration] is full of leftists in this White House who want to cut a deal with Maduro.”