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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Fox & Friends

Sep 7, 2023 | Press Releases


U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Fox & Friends to discuss the upcoming football season, the potential danger of an impeachment, the decline in male contribution to the labor force, and more. See below for highlights and watch the full interview on YouTube and Rumble.

On the start of football season:

“The AFC [American Football Conference] is loaded this year, so you’re going to have really good teams in the AFC that aren’t going to make it into the playoffs this year. But I’m hoping the Dolphins aren’t one of them. 

“I’m excited about the game tonight. I think Detroit has dramatically improved, and they’re going to get a chance to showcase that on national TV. I actually have a friend of mine who’s on the practice squad, a young man I root for very much, and I hope he gets elevated for tonight’s game. Of course, anytime an AFC team has a chance to lose, I hope they lose. 

“I normally have time to watch football because the games are usually at night and on Sunday afternoons. If they started scheduling them on Thursday at noon, I’d probably have trouble keeping track, but then, that’s where you prioritize – China or the Miami Dolphins.” 

On the indictment of Hunter Biden:

“[Hunter Biden] should be treated like any American citizen would be treated in a case like this. That’s the gun case. I think to the extent that there’s any evidence or has been in the past of special treatment, that’s where the political angle lies. I think the more serious problem here is, how did Hunter Biden make all this money? 

“We can’t abandon common sense. If his last name wasn’t Biden, there is no way in the world that he would have made the millions of dollars that he’s made and funneled through these shell companies created for the family. Clearly, he was trading on something, which was relationships with his father, when his father was vice president. I think that it’s relevant, particularly to the extent that Biden was involved. 

“Something a lot of people don’t talk about is, if, in fact, there was this kind of double dealing going on, the Chinese know that, and they have information on that. That information could be used as leverage against the president of the United States. 

“Now, I don’t have evidence of that, but I do think those are the questions that we need to be trying to answer. If there’s evidence, it needs to be brought forward, and if there isn’t, then there isn’t. It’s a serious question, and there are real anecdotal and preliminary indications that it’s something worth looking into seriously.”

On the potential for a Biden impeachment:

“I’m not an impeachment fan, because [in places] like Peru, impeachment has become the national sport. They impeach every president every [chance they get], and I don’t want that, because it’s disruptive. The Chinese look at that, and it encourages them to be more aggressive, because America looks dysfunctional. 

“That said, my understanding is that the reason why they would do an impeachment inquiry is not so much to lead to impeachment per se, although that’s where it could lead potentially, but because it’s a way to gain evidence that they can’t get right now. Their subpoenas are being ignored. The courts are not enforcing them, and impeachment inquiry can potentially allow them to gather evidence that either proves that there’s nothing here, as the Democrats claim, or [that] there is, [in which case] we need to address it. 

“I’m not rooting for impeachment. I want Joe Biden to lose an election – or whoever the Democratic nominee is – because I don’t think [impeachment] is good for the country. We’ve seen the trauma [Democrats] inflicted on this country because of their Trump obsession and continue to inflict on the country because of that obsession.”

On Rubio’s Labor Day report on working (and non-working) men:

“If you look at the unemployment numbers among working-age men, we have as many unemployed working-age men today as we did during the Great Depression. The reason why is because it’s not just the unemployment number, which is the percentage of people looking for work that are not working, it’s the percentage of people able to work that are not working.

“There are a couple of reasons for it. One is sociological – there’s something happening in our culture and in our society about that. But the other is the types of jobs being created. If you think about what were the jobs that working-age men without college degrees did to raise families and build communities [in the past], they worked in factories, they worked in industry, they worked in construction, they worked in trades. They worked jobs where you take a shower after work, not before work. 

“Those are the jobs that have disappeared, primarily since we started treating China, 30 years ago, like a normal country. We allowed China to take all these jobs. Today we’re a country that no longer makes things like we used to or builds things like we used to. The result is the kinds of jobs that working-age males once filled, there are less of them, and there are less of them that pay enough. I think that’s a big factor. 

“When we talk about the national interest, we have to be a country that makes things and builds things again, because number one, it leaves us dependent on other countries if we can’t. And number two, it’s a source of good paying jobs, particularly for working-age men.”

On the failure of “Bidenomics”: 

“[There is a] difference between what the experts in Washington and New York and on television are always talking about, with these economic numbers, and the reality of people who have seen their cost of living on basic things go up 200 percent in the last two years. Whose salary has doubled in the last two years? Who’s seen that sort of increase?… 

“I think a lot of our economic numbers today are out of touch. They reflect macro, big-picture indicators. But when you drill down to what it means to a real person in the real world, taking their kids to school this morning and then going to work and having to pay bills tonight, it’s a very different world…. These elites and people in positions of power talk one way, but the life experience of real people looks very different.”

On the Biden Administration’s restriction of oil production in Alaska:

“The same executive authority that authorized it has de-authorized it. Congress can issue these disapproval votes, but let’s be frank. The majority party in the Senate right now, unfortunately, is a party that agrees with this agenda. It’s an agenda that says we could make the world have less hurricanes, less wildfires, and not be this hot if all we did was stop drilling for oil. 

“That’s a lie. That’s not true. Of course it isn’t. But what is true [is that] the immediate impact of [this agenda] is that the prices that people are paying every day will go up. 

“Now, an increase in the gas for someone who makes a lot of money – these coastal elites, they don’t notice it, or they don’t care. But for working people who every day have to go out and drop their kids off at school and then drive really far to work and then come back again in the afternoon, it’s taking a huge bite, and it’s making them more insecure.”