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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Fox & Friends

Apr 27, 2023 | Press Releases

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Fox & Friends to discuss the growing threat posed by China, the latest on leaked classified documents, Disney, and the NFL Draft. See below for highlights and watch the full interview on YouTube and Rumble

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On China’s leadership of a new anti-American coalition:
“We’re living in this moment of historic shift. The world is literally changing. These are the things that they are going to write history about. China is not only the senior partner in [its] relationship [with Russia], but China today is richer, more powerful than the Soviet Union ever was. I think that’s going to continue to be the case. It requires us to reevaluate all our politics and everything we do geopolitically and how we respond to the world. This is a new reality. 
“It’s China, but then you’ve got Russia obviously coming under their umbrella [as well as] Iran…. You see this alliance of countries that are starting to line up underneath this Chinese world order. It won’t be identical to the Cold War, but I will just say China is a much bigger threat to America than the Soviet Union ever was to America or the world.”
On the individual responsible for leaking Pentagon documents online:
“Even as I’m speaking to you now, there are hundreds of similarly situated people, about the same age and background, who have access to very important information. This important information is relevant for [three reasons]. 
“The first is if our adversaries can see it, whether they care about the information or not, it tells them how we got it,…and it allows them to basically cut off access, so we won’t be able to find out stuff that’s even more important down the road. The other thing about these revelations is that it really undermines the confidence of a lot of countries that share intelligence with us or that are embarrassed by some of these. 
“The third thing that’s really damaging is when people read these things, a lot of this is analysis. Again, I don’t know which [leaked documents] are credible. Maybe some were doctored. We don’t know yet, and some maybe are not in the public domain yet. But a lot of it is analysis. It doesn’t mean that’s actually what’s happening, it just means this is what we’re hearing from some people. There might be some conflicting points of view that are offered in a follow up product that is not part of the leak. So it creates a lot of confusion. 
“The bottom line is it’s not good. I think the fundamental question is how could someone of that background at that age with that rank have access to something that could literally cause such strains in our relationship[s] and I think is much more damaging at this point than what the Biden Administration has admitted it is.”
On Disney’s complaints against the state of Florida:
“I don’t have a problem with taking on Disney. The fundamental thing we’re trying to fix is that Disney had some arrangement that gave them governmental type powers. I think [trying to fix] that’s a perfectly legitimate thing. 
“Where it gets problematic in the eyes of some people is when you start creating the idea, and I’m not saying we’re there yet as a state, but the idea that if you run crossways with us politically, whoever’s in charge, then you may wind up in the crosshairs of the legislature for political purposes to make a statement at you. 
“I don’t think Disney is going to go anywhere. They’ve invested a lot of money and time…. I do worry that if this happens too many times, businesses that are thinking about coming to Florida are saying maybe we don’t want to go there, because if we get into a firestorm with them politically, they’re going to come after our business. Again, a hypothetical issue. 
“But Disney is no different than any other company in the world. And I don’t know why they should have government powers. That’s something that was given to them a long time ago. And that’s up for review every year that the legislature looks at it.”
On Anthony Richardson’s prospects in the NFL Draft:
“[Anthony Richardson is a] very talented guy, truly an athletic freak in terms of the things he can do. He’s very talented as an athlete. I think he can do a lot of the things that the modern game looks for in the quarterback position. 
“If he winds up in the right place, [with a team] that doesn’t have to start him right away, a team that gets good quarterback coaching and that builds a system around him, I think he can have early success..”