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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Eric Bolling The Balance

May 4, 2023 | Press Releases

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Eric Bolling The Balance to discuss the end of Title 42, the media’s role in the border crisis, and more. See below for highlights and watch the full interview on YouTube and Rumble.


On the impending end of Title 42:
“If this was happening in some other part of the world, people would be calling the United Nations to go down there and deal with this crisis. … We have a bad problem already, of unprecedented proportions, that’s about to get far worse. I think we are headed towards a pretty cataclysmic situation there on our border, which has no precedent in American history or in the history of any developed country, having that kind of pressure on your border.”
On media downplaying of the border crisis:
“First of all, there’s very little accountability on the part of most media outlets. Second of all, they’re basically saying,  ‘People are stupid. There’s no problem. It’s down 90 percent.’ It’s a blatant lie. The numbers don’t lie. The numbers are real, everybody sees every day. And it’s about to get far worse. 
“They don’t care. That’s the problem. The problem they have is that Joe Biden sold his soul to the leftist devil in order to get himself into office, because that’s the base of the Democratic Party. The guy had been trying to be president for 30 years. The ticket there was to sell himself to the Far Left of his party, which now controls the base of that party. 
“Their demand is that there be no border enforcement, no wall, no people there, no one deported, automatic asylum, that we should have free-flow migration, [that] there should be a borderless country. That’s their demand. They’re trying to meet that demand even as they know people are noticing this. So they’re trying to lie to them about there being no problem.” 
On the Disney-Florida lawsuit:
“There’s two separate things here that are interrelated. Disney had a deal that they did when they first came to the state. They were basically their own county, their own city, their own government. They had their own permitting. They had this special arrangement. I think it’s a very legitimate exercise of legislative power to study that deal and to change it, if that’s what the legislature believes should be done.
“In the case of Disney, this was a company that, in addition to taking these social positions and being critical of the state, deserved scrutiny on how that system was set up. The state passes a law. Their board then comes in with some last-minute trickery, which may or may not be illegal. Now they’re going to go to court over that, and the courts will settle it. 
“I think that’s a perfectly legitimate exercise of government power to say that companies can’t have their own governments, and that’s what they’ve done….I think that’s very legitimate.”