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ICYMI: Rubio Joins Brian Mudd Show

Oct 12, 2021 | Press Releases

Miami, FL — U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined the Brian Mudd Show to discuss the Biden Administration’s misaligned priorities, the rise of Marxism in America, the border crisis, and more. See below for highlights.
On the Biden Administration’s misaligned priorities:
“… What’s been a priority over the last [few months] is investigating states like Florida that have schools that don’t have mask mandates at the state level. And now, apparently, allowing school board members don’t like to be screamed at to report parents as a danger to the FBI. And I guess the FBI will come and ask you questions: ‘What did you mean by you don’t agree with this?’, or ‘Why were you so rude to them?’ 
“It’s insanity. It really is. But it doesn’t surprise me, because what these people want is control, and they are prepared to do whatever it takes to have control. There’s no accountability. It isn’t like they’re going to get a lot of media outrage. 90% of the mainstream media in America will sort of say this needs to happen, or will just ignore it and move on to some other fake outrage…  
“I think the worst is yet to come… Maybe it’ll be saying they want to take parents away from kids if the parents refuse to have their kids vaccinated. I don’t know where this ends. But I think people are seeing it for what it is and I hope they’ll start pushing back really hard.”
On the rise of Marxism in America: 
“There was a time, not that long ago, when American politics was divided, but it was divided between two groups of people that both agreed this is a great country – it has some problems – and one group wanted to raise taxes and spend a bunch of government money to fix those problems and the other group thought maybe less government and less taxes is a better idea. But everybody agreed this is a phenomenal country. 
“Today, that’s not the dividing line. The dividing line in American politics is between people that realize this is a pretty good country, in fact, better than any other place in the world. And the people who argue this is a terrible country — this is a racist country, this is a country with a shameful history, this is a country whose economy oppresses people, and we don’t need to fix this country, we need to tear it down and build it back better, build it back into something different. That is now the dividing line. It’s a definitional fight over what the country is and whether what we know as America is worth saving, or whether we should create something new that we call America. 
“And so you talk about schools, [Democrats] are masters. They’ve become masters at phrases and marketing. So now they’re saying this is not critical race theory, this is inclusion, diversity and something else. This is about equity. This is about social justice. I mean, who’s against justice? Who can be against things that are equal or equitable? 
“They use these phrases, but in reality what they’re saying is we want to remake America completely. And the way you do it is: first you tell people this is a terrible place not worth saving, then you divide people against each other. You tell one group of people you are victims, you tell everybody else, you are oppressors. And the third thing you do is you punish anyone who disagrees with you. You silence them. 
“This is the Marxist playbook that has been running country after country around the world. And there are a lot of people out there that probably aren’t Marxist, but they’re going along with it. They’re going along with it because they’re in the same political party or because they’re afraid of these people or whatever. 
“It’s a real serious thing. And I hope people are waking up to the big picture, not just about school boards, not just about mandates, not just about this or that. This is an effort to completely redefine what it means to be the United States of America. And they’re not the majority. The people that are arguing about how terrible this country is are not the majority, but they are the people that control virtually every major institution in society. One of our two political parties controls a lot of government, most of the media, the schools and universities, and corporate America goes along with them and they control these tech monopolies, who are their enforcers in terms of silencing people. So it’s a big problem.”
On the border crisis:
“The border issue is very simple. It’s simple but complex, in the sense that those of us who live in this community have a tremendous affinity and respect for the Haitian Americans that are here and understand the suffering that’s happening in that country. Our heart breaks for that situation. 
“There are between 90,000 and 120,000 Haitians living in different countries in the Western Hemisphere. Many of them have been out of Haiti for over 10 or 12 years, since 2010 or longer… And they all want to come here. Many went to Chile, for example, when there were a lot of construction jobs. But now in Chile, there are no construction jobs and their economy has flatlined. And so now their plan is to come to the United States, and they believe — and I understand why they believe — that if they can make it to the border of the United States, they’re going to get to stay. If you’re really unlucky, you get deported, but generally they’re going to allow you to stay, and they’re going to give you a date to show up for a hearing, and you’ll figure it out then…  That’s not just happening with Haiti, it’s happening with people from all over the world. 
“And I understand, I really do, and our heart breaks — but the flip side of it is that there’s no nation on Earth that can just say, ‘Anybody who wants to come, come.’ If we officially said that, you would have 50 to 70 million people trying to get into what the Left calls a ‘terrible country,’ trying to get into the United States every day. You just can’t have it. 
“It’s not even fair to the migrants, by the way, because you’re making them vulnerable to these evil trafficking networks that do terrible things to people that are trying to come here. But that’s what the Biden Administration backs. They can argue all about what the law says in writing, [but] the way it’s being applied, it is an open border and an open invitation to come to this country illegally. 
“One more irony [is] if you’re a border agent in the United States of America and you’re not vaccinated, you will be fired in December. But if you are someone from another country who tries to enter illegally, even if you’re not vaccinated, you get to enter the United States. So you can’t even go to a restaurant in California or New York, but you can enter the United States if you’re not vaccinated. It’s just another irony of ironies.”
On President Joe Biden’s Spending Package:
“The update is this: [the Democrats] under tremendous pressure. I’m not going to bad mouth them or say anything about them, because they’ve put up with a lot already.
“[President] Joe [Biden] was talking about a $1.5 trillion dollar deal. It doesn’t matter whether it’s $1.5 trillion or $5 trillion, because all these new programs we’re going to create, instead of making them 10 year programs, we’ll make them five year programs. Because [Democrats] know once they pass them, repealing them is going to be impossible. So they don’t care if it’s for one year or ten years, as long as they get them in the books, as long as they can codify socialism, which is what they’re trying to do, codify a federal government takeover of early childhood education… higher education, health care, energy sector, of everything. If they can do that, even if those programs are only for two years, once those [programs] get in the books and they start growing roots, they’ll never be repealed.
“So the amount doesn’t matter as much as the content of that bill. If it’s just for one year, it’s going to be a problem. I think that’s going to be an enormous fight, because if that bill passes, even if it’s pared down to very little spending in the short term, that’s not what it’s actually going to cost. It will completely redefine the nature of our economy and the federal government’s role in virtually every aspect of our lives.”
On the future of the Democratic Party:
“I think the majority of Democrats are not down for some of this stuff.
“But this is what the activist base of that party and in some cases, the small dollar donor base of that party, the people that help raise millions of dollars online, believe and are demanding. I think a lot of leaders in the Democratic Party are going along with it.
“There are senators right now that look at some of the stuff and are uncomfortable with it. But they see the price you pay for stepping out of line: you’re going to have people chasing you in the bathrooms and harassing you, and they don’t want to deal with it. That’s what’s happened in corporate America and that’s what’s happened to a lot of places. There’s a huge price to pay for stepping out of line, especially if that’s your home: the Democratic Party.
“So, maybe this is only 15 percent of the Democratic Party’s voter base, but it is an enormous and overwhelming percentage of the leadership of that party, and it’s heading in a really bad direction. 
“Some of this stuff is not even liberal versus conservative, it’s crazy versus normal. That’s the dividing line in American politics, which is why I think there’s going to be a huge amount of pushback, including among people who maybe have never voted for a Republican and may not agree with someone like me on everything. But, they’re not going to want the country to go to hell and they’re not for crazy stuff.”x