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ICYMI: Rubio: In the Return of History, Communist China Will Pose the Greatest Threat

Mar 29, 2022 | Press Releases

In the return of history, Communist China will pose the greatest threat
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)
March 29, 2022
Washington Examiner

… Vladimir Putin’s barbarous invasion of Ukraine is a watershed moment in the return of history…. But … even as Putin resurrects the specter of global war, the United States must grapple with an even more powerful adversary: the People’s Republic of China….

Awareness of this threat is growing, but unfortunately, America still risks being distracted by domestic politics. Just look at the Biden administration’s decision to cancel the China Initiative … to appease bogus accusations of racism and xenophobia…. 

Our response to the CCP is also being handicapped by economic interests. Using the lure of increased profit margins, Beijing has turned American companies into lobbyists and advocates for its genocidal regime…. 

The Biden administration was wrong to cave to baseless accusations that the DOJ’s China Initiative was racist. The program should be reinstated…. Nor can our response to espionage and trade secrets theft be one of half-measures, like the so-called China Bill the House and Senate are negotiating….

If we are going to prevail against the CCP, we will also need to revitalize our industrial capacity. A nation dependent on hostile regimes for basic goods is not going to last long….

Finally, we need strong allies and partners…. In Europe, our allies will need to take greater ownership of their security — so they can take a leading role to counter Putin’s aggression, and so we can focus on the threat of the CCP in the Indo-Pacific….

The CCP has spent decades preparing to displace America as the world’s greatest power…. But if we can stand united and remain focused on Beijing, in spite of all the competing distractions, I am confident that America will prevail….

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