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ICYMI: Rubio Exposes ByteDance Ties to China’s Military-Industrial Complex

Apr 4, 2024 | Press Releases

TikTok Parent Company Poses a National Security Threat

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

April 3, 2024


…The evidence is clear that the Chinese Communist Party uses [ByteDance] to manipulate and spy on Americans through TikTok…. The connections between ByteDance and the Chinese Communist Party don’t end there, though. 

[For one, the] tech giant is closely involved with China’s security forces. In 2019, ByteDance and China’s Ministry of Public Security agreed to a plan of strategic cooperation to spread propaganda and strengthen China’s “national security matrix” through ByteDance’s platforms.

ByteDance has also been working to build artificial intelligence for the Chinese Communist Party’s armed wing. In 2018, the company created the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence, which [is] affiliated with…the People’s Liberation Army.

When you look at who runs ByteDance, the line between the company and the regime gets even blurrier…. ByteDance’s business partners, meanwhile, are some of the most notorious human-rights offenders and military-linked companies in China…. [And] the evidence keeps mounting that ByteDance manipulates TikTok’s algorithm to influence what users see…. 

This perfectly matches what the Chinese Communist Party says it wants to do…. Party members have, at various times, called for TikTok’s use to “precisely grasp the cognitive orientation of target users/audiences” in the United States in order to “fight the war of public opinion well”….

Set aside what my colleagues and I were told during a classified briefing. This publicly available information tells a damning story about ByteDance’s ownership of American social media….

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