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ICYMI: Rubio Discusses President Obama’s Budget

Feb 13, 2012 | Press Releases

Interview with the “Scott Hennen Radio Show”
Senator Marco Rubio
February 13, 2012

Hennen: “Let’s talk about the budget.  The President has one coming out. What do you expect from it and what do you make of his chief of staff blaming Senate Republicans for the lack of a budget?”

Rubio: “Well, it’s silly. I mean, these guys are pretty unbelievable at this point with the things they come up with.  The truth is, the Senate hasn’t offered one, but they have votes in the Senate. They control the Senate. Senator Reid and the Democrats in the Senate control the flow of business in the Senate. They can bring up any issue at any time for a vote, at any time they want.

“Last year, we brought President Obama’s plan up for a vote. We forced a vote on President Obama’s plan. Not even the Democrats would vote for his budget last year. Maybe we’ll do that again this year to see how the votes fall.

“The truth is, the President’s budget, what I expect from it is more spending, more debt, more deficits. It’s not a serious budgetary document. In no way does he intend for it to be passed or live under it. It’s nothing but a campaign document.

“And look, I don’t like saying those things.  You know, I don’t wake up in the morning and say, ‘What partisan thing can I do today?’ Quite frankly, I wish we didn’t have to fight about these issues on a partisan level. I wish everyone understood the dire straits this country is in, in terms of spending and debt.

“But I ran on this platform—that I would stand up to these things and offer a clear alternative. And that’s what I intend to be a part of here after the budget is announced.”