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Rubio Says Effective Border Security, Visa-Exit System And E-Verify Necessary To Pass Immigration Reform

Jun 6, 2013 | Press Releases

Rubio: “People understand the status quo is unacceptable. It’s de facto amnesty. They are prepared to deal with this. But only if we take steps to ensure this never happens again in the future.”

Excerpt of Interview on FOX News’ “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren”
Senator Marco Rubio
June 5, 2013
Full Interview:

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: “Immigration, where does it stand on the immigration bill?”

SENATOR MARCO RUBIO: “I think it’s pretty straightforward, and I’ve said this to people. In order to get the vote to pass it out of the Senate, not to mention the House, and to pass a law, people have to know this is never going to happen again. They are prepared to deal with the 11 million that are in this country illegally. People understand the status quo is unacceptable. It’s de facto amnesty. They are prepared to deal with this. But only if we take steps to ensure this never happens again in the future. And so I think that is what the next few weeks are about. It’s coming up with changes to the bill that ensures that the border is secure and E-Verify is working and we are tracking the entry and exit of visitors to the country to ensure when we deal with this issue now it will be the last time we deal with it.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “We have E-Verify and border security, and it hasn’t worked to it date sealing the border. What do you intend to do differently to convince the American people that this time, yes, it will work?”

RUBIO: “We now have resources at our disposal that didn’t exist 25 years ago.”


RUBIO: “For example, drone technology.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “And follow them to Phoenix?”

RUBIO: “Yes, throughout the desert. You can see them even at night. We know that technology exists. Ground sensors, we know the double layer fencing works and needs to be built. There was a bill passed in 2007 or 2006 that required 700 miles of double fencing and it was never built. The Congress came back and defunded a significant portion of it. Staffing levels at the border patrol. But the other part is E-Verify. The magnet that draws people here illegally is labor, jobs that are available. The true E-Verify system every employer is required to comply with, cost-effective and can do in a matter of minutes, but allows you to positively identify whether the person you are hiring is here legally or not. And the third is just tracking visitors. We track people when they come in but we don’t track when they he leave. And 40 percent of our illegal immigrants entered the country legally and overstayed their visas. We don’t know who they are because we don’t track people when they leave.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “I mean whether it is JFK or Miami international airport or — it’s not just the border between U.S. and Mexico. We have the major airports people coming in on student and vacation visas, and then just stay.”

RUBIO: “They all have to have a passport when you come in. They have to swipe it back out, entrance and exit.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “You have a six month visa and you decide to leave 10 years from now. What are we going to do – ”

RUBIO: “The problem is once you enter the country you are registered as clocking in, basically. If you haven’t left, the system will say John Doe came in.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “Are we going to hunt them down then?”

RUBIO: “Number one, they won’t be able to find a job because you have an E-Verify system that knows that they’re here illegally. Number two, they will be in that database so if they interact with law enforcement or anybody else it will pop up that this independent is in the country illegally.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “So you get picked up for drunk driving or speeding or lifting something at the 7-Eleven.”

RUBIO: “But you won’t be able to work. You have to be able to sustain yourself if you going to overstay the tourist visa, and that is why the E-Verify component is so important.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “What if it is like a 7-Eleven where they only have four you or five employees?”

RUBIO: “The software is cost-effective. The person has to produce an I.D., and you type the name that the program and you can see that it’s them. You have a photo he tool shows you if it is them. You print that out and you put it in the file and you hire them because they’re here legally. If the person doesn’t check out as legally here they can’t work for you. And if you hire them we are doubling the penalties for businesses that violate that law.”

VAN SUSTEREN: “And we have the software and it works, and it’s a matter of using it?”

RUBIO: “It has to be improved. I can show up somewhere with someone else’s Social Security card and say I’m John Doe. You run it through and it comes up as legal even though it is not me, and you hire me. Now, there will be a photo tool associated with it. So there will be a picture of you online with regards to who you are. And where it’s especially going to be effective are people in the country in a nonimmigrant status or recent arrivals that as part of the entry program will have that photo of themselves taken. They will be able to match that up and see not just the card but a picture and foe that that is the person or not.”