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ICYMI: Rubio Chides Biden for Ignoring Paraguay’s Peña

Nov 1, 2023 | Press Releases

In Ignoring Paraguay’s Peña, Biden Neglects U.S. Interests

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)

November 1, 2023


[W]hen center-right President Santiago Peña of Paraguay personally comes to the United States, President Joe Biden cannot be bothered to meet with him…. It’s…the latest instance of a toxic pattern in which President Biden appeases Marxists in our region and gives pro-American leaders the cold shoulder.

This approach makes no sense, of course. Latin America’s leftists are increasingly friendly to U.S. adversaries like Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela…. Moreover, the Latin American left has become explicitly anti-American and pro-Communist China….

In contrast, President Peña—whom I had the honor to meet during his visit to the United States—has demonstrated staunch support for the American-led global coalition…. Peña [also] seeks greater economic cooperation with the United States, including helping the United States relocate manufacturing from China to Latin America. Why would President Biden not reward and applaud these efforts with increased diplomatic partnership and economic aid?

The answer is that the Biden Administration’s own left-wing ideology makes common-sense foreign policy impossible. For years,…left-wing U.S. leaders have rewarded adversarial and totalitarian regimes with concessions and diplomatic visits, while they have chastised friendly democratic governments for emitting fossil fuels and lectured them on reproductive “rights” and transgenderism….

It’s time for a change of course. President Biden must start holding Latin America’s growing left-wing bloc…accountable for their hostility to the United States. Conversely, the United States must extend greater support to President Peña and other willing partners in our hemisphere, like Costa Rica’s Rodrigo Chavez and the Dominican Republic’s Luis Abinader….

This is the only way to prevent the totalitarianism of Iran, China, Russia, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela from becoming a dominant force in our region. It is also key to reducing international, cartel-sponsored gang violence and drug abuse, which affect millions of Americans on an annual basis….

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