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ICYMI: Rubio Calls On Senate Democrats To Bring President’s Budget Up For Vote

Feb 14, 2012 | Press Releases

Interview with Bud Hedinger on WFLA AM 540
Senator Marco Rubio
February 14, 2012

Hedinger: “I see this is as a campaign document, where, of course, it will never be passed. I mean, his budget last year went down 97-nothing in a Democratic-controlled Senate for crying out loud. This whole thing is going to be in the same boat. And it will be something where he can say in the fall campaign, ‘I had this great plan. We’d have another couple of million jobs right now, but those darn obstructionist Republicans wouldn’t go for it,’ and blame them. Is that what’s coming here?”

Rubio: “Well, it might be, but here is what I would say to that, right now. That is, that his party, the Democrats, control the Senate, so why don’t they bring it up for a vote today? Why don’t they bring it up for a vote this week? We wouldn’t stand in their way.”

Hedinger: “I think Mitch McConnell would like to do that. It would be wonderful to see they have fifty-three votes, only need fifty-one.”

Rubio: “Yes, why don’t they do it? Why don’t they do it? The answer is because they would vote against it themselves because that is how absurd the budget is. So, the obstructionists, yes, the Senate Democrats are obstructionists, they haven’t offered a budget in over one thousand-something days.

“So, let’s bring up the President’s budget, if it is so fantastic, if this is the path forward, and all of his folks are going to rally around him on this, then why don’t they bring it up for a vote?”