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ICYMI: Rubio: Biden’s Focus on Climate Ignores Slave Labor

Oct 6, 2021 | Press Releases

Focused on climate, Biden ignores slave labor
By Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL)
October 6, 2021
Washington Examiner 
By nearly all accounts, the Biden Administration is choosing to ignore the Chinese Communist Party’s egregious human rights abuses to strike a deal on climate. In other words, it is willing to accept Beijing’s use of arbitrary detention on an unimaginable scale, slave labor, systematic rape, coercive abortion, forced sterilization, organ harvesting, and more because, in Nancy Pelosi’s words , “climate is an overriding issue.”
Not only is such a position immoral, but it also willfully ignores that Beijing has no desire to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. In fact, despite making climate-related pledges in the past, the Chinese Communist Party is building coal-fired power plants at a stunning rate.

The only thing certain when it comes to negotiations with President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party is that commitments will be broken… But for some reason, in an administration staffed with alleged foreign policy experts, there is apparently the belief that Xi and his Communist Party will operate in good faith.

Instead of relying on a genocidal regime that hates America, the Biden Administration should focus on building up domestic production to create good jobs in America. 

Biden needs to decide where he stands. Words matter. Actions matter more. Just ask those whose mothers, fathers, daughters, and sons are withering in concentration camps in Xinjiang.
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