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ICYMI: Biden’s economic plan is inconsistent, outdated and weak. This is not a serious blueprint

Sep 15, 2020 | Press Releases

Biden’s economic plan is inconsistent, outdated and weak. This is not a serious blueprint
By U.S. Senator Marco Rubio
September 15, 2020
Fox News

After decades of cheering on a rising China, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is now scrambling to show he cares about the destruction of millions of American jobs and the erosion of our industrial base.

His latest plan is inconsistent and outdated, revealing a desperation to reclaim the high ground of supporting American industry for a political party that has long since left it behind.


But rather than detail how to create durable, dignified work at home and how to shore up our nation’s industrial capacity, it avoids particulars or committing Biden to any specific industry he would push to reshore.

By contrast, a more forward-looking vision would grapple with how America can lead the way in high-tech telecommunications, so we can meet the challenge that Beijing is posing with its state-backed firms like Huawei or ZTE.

The reality is that most productive companies for the 21st century must be global in their scope in order to produce at the scale necessary for innovation and job growth.

The solution cannot just be smoothing the transition to Chinese dominance.

It cannot be to reduce the global scope of American business. Instead, it’s to make sure the most productive parts of the value chain are being made here in America so that the most productive businesses and jobs are American.

We need businesses to be exporting the goods that American workers manufacture abroad.

We need a strong, industrial base that can produce critical goods and guarantee dignified work for our nation. And we need political leadership that recognizes the challenge at hand for what it is, and prepares our nation to rise to the occasion by competing outside our own borders — not just retrenching and hiding away when the going gets tough.

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