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Evangelical Leaders Support Securing Our Borders And Modernizing Legal Immigration

Apr 17, 2013 | Press Releases

Dr. Richard Land, President, Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Southern Baptist Convention: “The contentious issue of immigration reform is rending the social fabric of the nation in ways that are far easier to rend than they are to mend. It is well past time for our elected representatives to quit behaving like politicians who are focused on the next election, and start focusing on the next generation as statesmen and deal with this issue in a fair and responsible way. Comprehensive immigration reform must secure the border, secure the workplace, recognize the dignity of each and every undocumented worker, and find a pathway to earned legal status and or citizenship for those who desire it. There should be no room for second class citizens in our democracy. Those who desire citizenship should be able to earn it.” (National Immigration Forum, “Evangelicals Mobilize to Capitol Hill on Immigration Reform for the First Time,” Press Release, 4/17/13)

Chairman Ralph Reed, Faith & Freedom Coalition: “As people of faith, this is not just an economic and security issue; it is a moral issue. This bill, while not perfect, is an important starting point to reforming and modernizing U.S. immigration law so it reflects faith-based principles of compassion for the alien, the primacy of the family, respect for the rule of law, and protecting U.S. security and sovereignty. … This legislation is even tougher than the benchmarks we proposed then. It will enact the strongest enforcement and border security measures in U.S. history. … We look forward to remaining engaged as people of faith and will work with legislators of both parties to enact immigration policy that strengthens families, grows our economy, and secures the border.” (Faith & Freedom Coalition, “Statement By Ralph Reed, Chairman, Faith & Freedom Coalition, On Introduction Of ‘Border Security, Economic Opportunity & Immigration Modernization Act Of 2013’,” Press Release, 4/17/13)

Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, NHCLC, Hispanic Evangelical Association: “Engaging a biblical narrative as a metaphor, the immigration cause no longer resides in the Egypt of political apathy or the desert of inevitable deportation. Today, this just cause stands before the Jordan called reform. With prophetic courage, spiritual fortitude and political will, we will cross into the promise land of integration thus protecting our values, borders and dream. On behalf of our 40,000 member churches, we commend Senator Rubio and this bipartisan effort for reconciling conviction and compassion. For at the end of the day, immigration reform advances not the agenda of the donkey or the elephant but rather, it advances the agenda of the Lamb.”

Timothy Goeglein, Vice President of External Relations, Focus on the Family: “If our immigration challenges are to be effectively addressed, then we need a balance of compassion, respect for the rule of law, and common sense. We can find that balance, rooted in what is best for families, marriages, and kids. We at Focus on the Family are dedicated to keeping families together as they comply with entrance requirements.” (National Immigration Forum, “Evangelicals Mobilize to Capitol Hill on Immigration Reform for the First Time,” Press Release, 4/17/13)

Dr. David Uth, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church Orlando: “I’ve met so many families whose lives are broken by the system. I want to find a way to help them, influence the debate on immigrants and immigration, not to write it, but to bring it to a discussion. No matter their immigration status, if they are part of our community we will minister to them. We, as evangelical Christians, travel halfway around the world to bring hope to people. Why should we not reach out in our own neighborhoods?” (National Immigration Forum, “Evangelicals Mobilize to Capitol Hill on Immigration Reform for the First Time,” Press Release, 4/17/13)