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Constitution Day

Sep 17, 2013 | Blog

Today, we celebrate one of the most significant documents in the history of mankind: The United States Constitution. As we mark the 226th anniversary of its signing, let us take time to celebrate the unique way of life it has provided and rededicate ourselves to realizing its profound vision.

More than two-and-a-quarter centuries ago, the Framers of the Constitution set in motion an experiment based on an idea that was simple yet radical at the time: that “We The People” should govern our own affairs.  The Framers also knew that if the government was limited, and citizens given the full freedom to utilize their God-given talents, the country could truly flourish and become a beacon of hope for the world.  History has proven their wisdom.  The document they signed gave birth to the greatest era of growth and prosperity in history and inspired movements for liberty the world over. As America has grown toward true freedom for all, the country has witnessed a flourishing of both human dignity and material well-being.

Yet today we find our Constitution in danger. Many officials elected to defend its core principles have instead called them into question and sought to weaken them. Whereas our Constitution smartly placed limits on government’s role in our society, some have attempted to expand its role in Americans’ lives in dangerous and unsustainable ways.  For too long, complacency and disregard have been allowed to erode the ideals that have been the bedrock of human advancement for over two centuries.

But our generation has the opportunity – and the responsibility – to recover the vision of our founders and preserve it for future generations. The United States Constitution is not an antiquated set of governing guidelines, but rather a timeless map toward freedom and prosperity. If we have the wisdom to follow it forward, I am confident it will lead us toward another exceptional American century.