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Conservatives & Job Creators Support Securing Our Borders And Modernizing Legal Immigration

Apr 18, 2013 | Blog

American Conservative Union President Al Cardenas: “The proposal put forward by the ‘Gang of 8’ in the Senate puts border security first and puts legal immigration ahead of those who are here illegally, with appropriate triggers and penalty fines. It is clear that under the Obama administration none of these things will happen without legislation and that’s why this proposal as described deserves a positive response. We look forward to gaining a thorough understanding of this complex legislation once it is introduced and urge the Congress to give it a proper vetting and allow robust debate though the Committee process before acting.” (Bridget Johnson, “American Conservative Union’s Cardenas: Immigration Deal ‘Deserves a Positive Response’,” PJ Media, 4/16/13)

Americans For Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist: “They are doing serious border security. They are making sure that the 10 or 11 million who are here without papers can stay and work as long they are not criminals as long as they’re working. So you’re weeding out bad guys and allowing people who are good and decent and hard-working to be able to stay and work and get in line in questions of citizenship … Rather than being a cost to the country, the bill would be a ‘boon’ to the economy and would save taxpayers money because those with the provisional visas won’t be eligible for federal benefits.” (Caren Bohan and Richard Cowan, “Barack Obama endorses bipartisan US immigration overhaul,” Reuters, 4/16/13)

Former Governor Jeb Bush: “[T]he proposed legislation creates a new immigration system that first and foremost secures our border; creates a new invigorated system of legal immigration which will spur economic growth; and creates a tough but practical means to process those currently here illegally. The proposed legislation respects the rule of law and our country’s immigrant heritage. I am encouraged that America could have a new, working immigration policy this year.” (Alex Leary, “Jeb Bush: Senate Plan ‘Respects Rule of Law’ and ‘Immigrant Heritage’,” Tampa Bay Times, 4/16/13)

U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “The Chamber has long called for comprehensive immigration reform that incorporates four critical components—increased border security, expansion of temporary worker programs and employer-sponsored green cards, some type of pathway to legalization and eventual citizenship under tight criteria, and a balanced and workable employment verification system. This legislation meets these goals. We welcome this legislation as a critical step toward a final law that will work for our economy and for our society. There is no doubt that there will be additional input and analysis through Senate hearings and amendments, and we look forward to being part of that needed process.” (U.S. Chamber of Commerce, “U.S. Chamber Expresses Support for Introduction of Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” Press Release, 4/17/13)

Chair of Business Roundtable’s Select Committee on Immigration Greg Brown: “We commend the bipartisan ‘Gang of 8’ senators for putting forward a bill that addresses the big challenges we have identified for getting U.S. immigration policy right. As business leaders, we know that immigration policy is critical to creating a healthier economy, and we are concerned that proposed restrictions on temporary high-skilled visas may have the opposite effect, which is why we will continue working with all policymakers to ensure realistic, bipartisan solutions can be enacted.” (Business Roundtable, “America’s Business Leaders Commend Senate Immigration Bill as Important First Step,” Press Release, 4/16/13)

Larry Kudlow “Econ benefits from @SenMarcoRubio’s immigration reform plan are far greater than costs. 1% RGDP lowers deficit by $3T over 10 years” (@larry_kudlow, 4/16/13)

  • Kudlow: “In other words, dynamic scoring shows econ benefits from @SenMarcoRubio’s immigration reform plan.” (@larry_kudlow, 4/16/13)