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Celebrating the U.S. Army’s 237th Birthday

Jun 14, 2012 | Blog

Two-hundred and thirty-seven years ago today, the Army of the United States was officially formed to defend our fledgling country from Britain’s advancing force of seasoned regulars. Our first commander-in-chief, General George Washington, took command of this volunteer unit and proceeded to win a hard-fought war for independence, setting the conditions for what has become the greatest nation on earth.
Since that fateful June day in 1775, our Army has continuously answered the call to defend our ideals and way of life, suffering losses and enduring hardships along the way; but ultimately representing the best of this country and carrying forth the banner of liberty and freedom to those that are oppressed. Deployed across the globe in support of peacekeeping, humanitarian and contingency operations, this professional force remains tireless and is seen the world over as a symbol of excellence.
I am truly honored to celebrate this 237th Army Birthday with all of you and I am privileged to recognize the sacrifices and accomplishments of such a storied branch of our Armed Forces.
On behalf of the people of the great state of Florida, thank you for your service and Army Strong!