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40th Anniversary of Hank Aaron’s Historic Home Run

Apr 8, 2014 | Blog

Today we mark the 40th anniversary of a legendary American achievement: when Hank Aaron slammed a record-breaking 715th career home run over the wall in left-center field. I was too young to remember when it happened, but I was raised by a father and grandfather who treasured the sport of baseball, and I remember the stories they told about this moment and the way it filled them with pride for their country.

Of course, athletic records are never meant to stand forever, but Aaron’s milestone that April day in 1974 still holds a special place in the American memory. We will always remember the iconic image of him shaking an opposing player’s hand as he rounded the bases, while hometown and opposing fans alike went wild in celebration. But more importantly, we’ll remember the barriers he overcame as an athlete and as a man, and the example he set for all who strive to achieve great things in their craft. So today, whether you are a fan of America’s favorite pastime like I am or not, we can all join together in tipping our caps to a true American hero.