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11 Pics Of Marco In Asia You May Have Missed

Jan 27, 2014 | Blog

  1. Marco comes face to face with the North Korean regime. Standing in the conference room at the Korean Demilitarized Zone, a North Korean soldier takes his picture through the window:Blog Post: DMZ window
  2. Marco visits Manila American Cemetery, where more than 17,000 American soldiers are buried (photo credit: The American Battle Monuments Commission):Blog Post: Cemetery
  3. Marco bags coffee at the food distribution center in Tacloban, a city in the Philippines recently devastated by Typhoon Haiyan:Blog Post: Coffee
  4. Marco meets with Congressman Manny Pacquiao while in the Philippines: Blog Post: Manny P
  5. While visiting the Korean Demilitarized Zone, Marco stood just feet from “the edge of freedom.” North Korean soldiers stand just feet away on the other side of the dividing line between North and South Korea:Blog Post: DMZ border
  6. During his official trip to South Korea, Marco visited with Shin Dong-hyuk, a human rights activist who is the only known person to have been born in a North Korean prison camp, spent his entire life imprisoned, escaped and lived to tell the story:Blog Post: NK activist
  7. Marco meeting with South Korean President Park Geun-hye to discuss economic and security concerns at the presidential Blue House (photo credit: The Blue House):Blog Post: President Park
  8. Marco visiting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe:Blog Post: PM Abe
  9. Rear Admiral Mark Montgomery explains combat operations to Marco during a tour of guided-missile cruiser USS Shiloh (photo credit: U.S. Navy):Blog Post: USS Shiloh
  10. Marco at LG Display, the largest manufacturer of LCD panels:Blog Post: LGD
  11. U.S. Navy sailors salute Marco as he boards the USS Blue Ridge, command ship the Seventh Fleet in Yokosuka, Japan (photo credit: U.S. Navy):Blog Post: Seventh Fleet