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Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) met with Cuban exile leaders in Cartagena, Colombia this afternoon to reinforce the importance of ensuring any nation's future participation at the Summit of the Americas is contingent on its adherence to democratic values.

"It's important to understand that Cuba does not belong at the Summit of the Americas because it fully rejects the fundamental right of the Cuban people to elect their own leaders in free and fair elections," said Rubio, who met today with a delegation from the pro-democracy organization M.A.R. por Cuba.

"The summit is a meeting of democratic nations and a tyranny like Cuba has no place at that table," Rubio continued. "If Cuba truly wants a seat at the table among all its Western Hemisphere neighbors, then it should reject totalitarianism, free all political prisoners and offer all Cubans a seat at the table of a truly representative democracy.

"I hope democratic change does come to Cuba so that the next time a summit is held, we will be joined by a freely elected Cuban leader."

High resolution photos of today's meeting are available here and here.

MAR por Cuba 

MAR por Cuba 2

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