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Sen. Mark Rubio is appalled by the mess created during the repair process at Eureka Gardens and believes the consequences for mistreating and misleading tenants should be substantial.
Thursday, staff in the senator’s Jacksonville office attended a follow-up meeting on the property where officials from the city, state, and federal level expressed little hope for living conditions to improve under current management.
Rubio urged HUD to be strict in the review of its latest Eureka Gardens inspection and enforcement of its code.
“The more we learn about Eureka Gardens' management company and its other properties, the more I’m concerned for residents,” Rubio said. “The company just lost federal funding for its Memphis properties after falsifying repairs, and there are indications it was unable to meet the deadline for repairs at Eureka Gardens as well.”
The senator said he eagerly awaits the inspection results and expects strong, swift action for the families of Eureka Gardens.”

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