Academy Nominations

Academy Nominations

Thank you for your interest in a nomination to one of our nation’s service academies. 

As a member of the U.S. Senate, I have the honor of nominating promising young men and women from Florida for selection to the four service academies which require nomination: Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD, the Military Academy at West Point, NY, the Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, CO, and the Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY.  High school juniors and seniors, as well as high school graduates under the age of 23, are invited to apply for a nomination to a service academy.

Because of the limited number of nominations available to each Senator, applicants should strongly consider contacting Senator Rick Scott’s office and your member of the U.S. House of Representative’s office regarding their nomination process as well.  You can find the name of your congressman at the U.S. House of Representatives’ website at:

It is very important that the applicant for nomination, not their parent or guardian, complete the application and contact my office if there are any questions regarding the process.  Thank you for your interest in our country’s service academies.


In order to be considered for a nomination, all applicants must both submit a completed application online and submit copies of all other necessary materials. The application portion for nomination by Senator Rubio is online here.

In addition to the online application, please provide the following:

  • Academic Recommendation form (if mailed, in a sealed envelope with recommender’s signature across seal).  The Academic Recommendation form can be downloaded here.
  • Two letters of recommendation (if mailed, in sealed envelopes with recommender’s signature across seal).  Recommenders should know the applicant personally and be able to speak to the applicant’s qualifications and character. Examples are teachers, coaches, supervisors at a job or volunteer organization or people who can attest to the student’s integrity and academic or extracurricular accomplishments. Family members or close family friends should not offer recommendation letters.
  • Official high school, junior college or college transcript.  High school transcripts must show your final junior year grades, GPA, and approximate class rank. The official transcript should be included in the application envelope in a sealed white envelope from the institution.
  • SAT or ACT scores. If they are not noted on your official transcript, test scores must be forwarded directly to the Tallahassee address below by the hardcopy deadline. If you have not taken the test prior to this date, you will not be eligible for nomination during this cycle. To directly submit your SAT/ACT scores to Senator Rubio’s office, use the SAT code of 5287 and the ACT code of 7117.
  • A picture of the applicant with the applicant’s name on the back. 

Do not send resumes, cover letters or any extra materials.

These items should be emailed or mailed together. If emailing, please email to If mailing, please send all materials in a single large envelope to:

Office of Senator Marco Rubio
Service Academy Applications
Post Office Box 10627
Tallahassee FL 32302

If it can be helped, please do not send items separately as this can cause delays in processing your application.


If you have any questions regarding a Service Academy Nomination, please contact the Academy Coordinator at

Senator Rubio’s 2022 Academy Nomination Process Timeline


Monday, April 4, 2022 - Application process opens.

Friday, September 9, 2022 - Deadline for application submission. The online application must be completed by this date to be considered. It is highly recommended that applicants complete the online portion in advance to allow time to address any issues submitting the application. All other application materials (transcripts, ACT/SAT, recommendation letters, photo and academic recommendation form) are due and should be emailed or postmarked and mailed to the Tallahassee Post Office Box Address prior to this date. Any items submitted after this date will not be considered and your application will be deemed incomplete.

Week of September 19, 2022 - Interview notices emailed to prospective candidates. 

Saturday, October 22, 2022 - Personal interview conducted. This is the only interview day so please block this date out now. There are no make-up days.

Week of November 28, 2022 - Nominee notification of status by mail begins on a rolling basis and will conclude prior to the end of the year.

A nomination through any authority does not guarantee acceptance into a service academy. A Congressional nomination is only part of the process. Individuals interested in attending a service academy must both apply directly to the academy (or academies) of choice as well as secure a Congressional nomination.

You should contact the service academy or academies that you are interested in and inform the admissions office of your interest. Officials at the academies will then establish a candidate file for you to track your admissions process. Along with your application to the academies, you will also need physical and medical evaluations.

More information about the application process for each service academy can be found on the academy websites. Please note that the Coast Guard Academy does not require a Congressional nomination.

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