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"[T]heir affinity and reliance on government is so deep - it's a part of their political machinery, it's a part of their political ideology - that they can't fathom a day and time when the government's going to have to readjust to the reality that we cannot continue to spend money we do not have."
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Senator Marco Rubio addresses Floridians after a week of battling the EPA's unfair numeric nutrients regulations and Democrats in the Senate over this year's budget cuts.

Sen. Rubio: "The President Is Absolutely Absent From This Debate"

"He has completely disengaged from this issue, and he assigned Joe Biden to negotiate it for him, and then sent Joe Biden to Russia."

Mar 10 2011


Senator Marco Rubio

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March 10, 2011

Senator Rubio: “Now the conversation’s not a serious one yet. You know, the Senate Democrats, the bill they offered as an alternative to the House bill, only cut $6 billion in spending – that’s really what we’re borrowing in one day. By noon today, we will have borrowed half of that in order to fund the government, so it’s not really a serious goal.

“And here’s what’s missing in all of this, and I don’t mean to be overly partisan, the President is absolutely absent from this debate. He is nowhere to be found. He refuses to engage. This is a President that as a Senator, as a candidate, and early on in his presidency, repeatedly said that he was going to make the tough choices, get involved, get engaged, deal with this pressing issue that faces our country. He has completely disengaged from this issue, and he assigned Joe Biden to negotiate it for him, and then sent Joe Biden to Russia.”

"What we can't afford to do is arbitrarily shut down fishing based on incomplete or insufficient data for a lot of different reasons. First of all, the economic impact of it is absolutely devastating. Last year when I traveled the state, I was campaigning at the time, and I ran into people who were being wiped out not just by some of these restrictions that have been put in place, but they also got hit with an oil spill in parts of our state, which was a double whammy, and it was just devastating for many of these folks that couldn't get going again, and I'm not sure they're going to be able to get going this year."
This week, Senator Rubio penned an op-ed detailing the need for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution requiring the Congress to pass a balanced budget each year. In this video, he delves deeper into the issue and explains why this measure would have deep and lasting impacts on the U.S. economy.
On Thursday, March 3, Senator Rubio spoke to WDBO Orlando's Jim Turner about the Continuing Resolution that Congress just passed. The CR allows the government to remain operational for another 2 weeks until a longer-term solution can be reached for the country's budget.

"Rubio Plans To Fight EPA Water Regulations For Florida"

"The last thing we need is another Washington mandate that will cost billions, destroy jobs and increase daily costs," said Rubio, who raised the issue as a candidate last year.

Mar 02 2011

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Sen. Marco Rubio is planning to try to insert a measure in the forthcoming budget resolution that would bar the EPA from implementing water standard rules that business groups in Florida oppose.