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Senator Rubio: “Here’s the way I view it: this is not a simple thing. This problem America faces with its debt doesn’t have one simple solution to it. What’s the one law, the one bill, the one proposal that solves it? There is not one solution for it.

“I think it’s got to be a host of things, primarily economic growth-related. That’s how you’re going to get out of it and grow your economy. This debt is hurting economic growth. So, we need things like tax reform. Simplify the tax code, make it easy to comply with. A tax code that’s fair and, at the same time, encourages people to invest in America and its future. We need regulatory reform. These regulatory agencies and the burdens that have been placed on job creators are very real, and we hear it every day. I’m sure we’ll hear it today. On top of that, a balanced budget amendment is important because it ensures that government cannot continue to spend money it doesn’t have. And a spending cap to limit the amount, you know, what raise is government going to get every year? You know, most people don’t get a raise every year, but government gets a raise every year, sometimes as much as six, seven, eight percent for some of these programs. So my question, our question, is well, shouldn’t there be some limit as to how much government should get a raise from year to year and its spending programs?

“So, it’s got to be a combination of factors that are taken into account, and my argument is, this debt limit debate is the perfect opportunity to talk about these issues. Don’t just go in there and do what they’ve always done and raise the debt limit, and wait for a future day to deal with these issues. We’re running out of time to deal with these issues.”

Happy Easter

Apr 21 2011

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Dear Friends,

My wife Jeanette and I send greetings and best wishes to everyone celebrating Holy Week and Easter in Florida and around the world. I want to wish an especially Happy Easter to the brave men and women of our armed forces, who are away from their loved ones but are hopefully finding comfort in the company of their colleagues, their warm thoughts of home and the presence of God in their lives.

As we celebrate Christ's Resurrection, we commemorate His life, embrace His special and unconditional love, and give thanks for the eternal blessings that our Savior gave His life for. The miracle of Easter offers hope and a spirit of renewal to all who seek inspiration to fulfill their individual promise.

Especially during this Holy Week, I am grateful for my family and friends, the liberties we all enjoy as Americans, and the privilege of representing over 18 million Floridians in the U.S. Senate. I also commemorate those we have lost in the past year and find solace in knowing that, as we celebrate the Resurrection, we should rejoice in knowing that our dearly departed have been welcomed into God’s Kingdom.

May you and your family continue to be blessed with God's gift of love and peace, especially on this special holiday.

Happy Easter.

Marco Rubio


Senator Marco Rubio
Newsradio 1620-AM’s Rob Williams
April 19, 2011

Senator Rubio: The Radical Left Won’t Allow Any Spending Reductions

Rob Williams: “Well, it’s a matter of does the rest of the Senate, does the White House get it? Is the White House really committed to not overspending humongously and to get things under control? It seems like it’s completely whack.”

Senator Marco Rubio: “Well, the good news is, when was the last time the debate in Washington was about how much to cut? I mean, Washington never cuts. So the fact that we’re even debating how much to cut is a positive development. I think where the President is still struggling is he can’t get away from his base. I mean, he’s got a radical part of his base in his party that won’t let him make any spending reductions or hold up 90 percent of our budget and say, ‘This 90 percent of our budget is untouchable. You can’t make any reductions from this 90 percent.’ Well, you can’t get this problem straightened out if 90 percent of your budget is off limits.

“And then the other thing that’s become orthodoxy for the radical left and the Democratic Party is, you know, ‘We’ve got to raise taxes on rich people.’ Well, that’s class warfare, and how you define ‘rich people’ is pretty nebulous because you’re talking about small businesses, you’re talking about job creators, you’re talking about class warfare, which is no way to encourage job creation in your economy. So, the President has got a political problem in his own party that he needs to somehow get control of the radical left in his own party, get them to wake up and realize the reality of the times we’re living in.”

Happy Passover

Apr 18 2011

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With the Festival of Passover upon us, I would like to share some thoughts and express my best wishes to the Jewish community in Florida and around the world.
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This week, the U.S. Senate passed a resolution that asked the United Nations to rescind a report that unfairly concluded Israel targeted attacks on civilians during 2008-2009. The report, known as the Goldstone Report, accused Israel of potential war crimes. Since its publication, the lead fact-finder has said he was wrong to have made these conclusions.

Senator Rubio: The President’s Speech Set Us Back…

Senator Rubio: “Well, first of all, the President's plan is not a debt reduction plan. The President is basically saying he thinks instead of raising the debt over the next ten years by $12 trillion, we should only raise the debt by $8 trillion, so that's the first thing I would tell you. The other two things we learned from his speech is that everything that's wrong in America is George Bush’s fault, according to Barack Obama, and that the problem in our country is that people aren't paying enough in taxes. But the speech was not a real serious public policy effort. I actually think that it sets us back in terms of solving the problems that we're facing here in this country.”

Senator Rubio: Budget Deal Takes Us In The Wrong Direction…

Fox News’ Peter Johnson: “Will you vote against the budget deal?”

Senator Rubio: “Yeah. I think it takes us in the wrong direction and I’ll tell you why. I've only been here four months now, but that's just long enough to realize how deep this problem is. I don't know what's wrong with people around here, but this thing’s not going to solve itself. This is getting worse every day and we're running out of time. We're either going to solve this problem or we're not, and right now, we aren't doing anything to solve this problem. This budget deal that was cut doesn't help solve the problem.”

Senator Rubio: I Will Vote To Defund Planned Parenthood…

Senator Rubio: “First of all, no program can be untouched. This notion by some of my colleagues here that this program can't be touched and somehow it can’t be on the table is absurd. I don't care what they do. There’s no program in our budget that should be off the table in terms of looking at it and understanding whether it's justified or not. Second of all, we simply can't afford to continue fund things like this. We are adding $12 trillion to our debt over the next ten years. That's outrageous. I'm going to vote to defund it. Third, I have problems with what Planned Parenthood does and ultimately what the aim of their organization is. And it's not their stated aims, it's what they actually do.”

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Last week, Senator Rubio introduced the Decrease Spending Now Act with Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) to rescind $45 billion in unspent taxpayer dollars that are currently sitting in federal coffers. The bill, which requires a report to Congress and the Secretary of the Treasury on these efforts within 60 days, has gained several notable co-sponsors to this fiscally-responsible legislation, including Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.), Mike Johanns (R-Neb.), David Vitter (R-La.), Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Mike Lee (R-Utah).