Fighting for Florida

Constituent Corner

Jan 27 2012

In this week's installment of Marco's Constituent Mail Box video series, Marco responds to letters about the PROTECT IP Act and SOPA sent by two constituents that reflect the diverse opinions expressed in the thousands of letters received.

Senator Rubio signed on with 10 of his colleagues to be a co-sponsor of S.2040. This bill amends the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 to establish a point of order to prohibit an increase or other modification of the public debt limit unless a concurrent resolution on the budget has been agreed to and is in effect.

Earlier today, Senator Rubio introduced a Senate Resolution honoring Wilman Villar Mendoza. The Senate Resolution, introduced with Senators Menendez (D-NJ) and Nelson (D-FL), condemned the oppressive Cuban regime and honored the life of Cuban Dissident Villar Mendoza.  Cuban political prisoner Wilman Villar Mendoza was arrested in November 2011 for holding a peaceful demonstration and sentenced to four years in prison. He died last week after a 56-day hunger strike protesting his unjust imprisonment.
Senate Resolution 354 is available here.

Senator Rubio signed on with 30 of his colleagues to be a co-sponsor of S.J. Res. 34. This Resolution formally disapproves of the President’s most recent request for an increase in the debt ceiling.

1,000 Days

Jan 24 2012

Today, when the President gives the State of the Union address, we also mark 1,000 days since Senate Democrats and the President have passed a budget. That means since April 29, 2009, Washington has been on a rudderless spending binge with absolutely no restraint. This spending spree has added $4.5 trillion in new debt to our tab and has enabled our overall debt to surpass $15 trillion. Last year, the President's budget proposal, which would have spent almost $46 trillion and raised taxes on large and small businesses, failed in the Senate 97-0. This means not even one member of his own party could support his reckless job-killing agenda.

Religious Freedom

Jan 23 2012

Last week the Obama Administration announced it will be one year before enforcing a new pro-choice policy. This mandate comes from ObamaCare and it will require religious organizations to provide coverage for contraception, including “Plan B”.

The Obama Administration has now declared that birth control and Plan B are preventative forms of health care and must be provided by health care plans. The Administration’s decision places many religious groups at a tough crossroads. Catholic organizations will be forced to make tough choices – ignore a major tenant of their belief system and provide these “preventative” health care measures or not providing insurance to their employees and being levied with a federal fine for violating the employer mandate.

This action is unacceptable. As Americans, we are guaranteed the right to religious freedom and this policy violates an idea our founders believed in. The Obama Administration has reached a new level of disregard for freedom with this action.

March for Life 2012

Jan 23 2012

As Florida's senator, I will continue to be a voice for life. I will continue to work not only to win hearts and minds on life issues, but also to support pro-life policies.
Marco's staff will be hosting "Mobile Office Hours" to meet with constituents and assist them with federal issues in their own communities. For constituents who can't visit the regional offices, these "Mobile Office Hours" offer a more convenient way to seek federal casework assistance.

Constituent Corner

Jan 20 2012

This week, Marco’s staff was able to successfully resolve a casework issue for Peter, a Sarasota County constituent who disagreed with a Social Security overpayment charge. Marco’s staff contacted the Social Security Payment Center and obtained a worksheet that reflected how the overpayment had been calculated. Marco’s staff also arranged a meeting between Peter and his Field Office District Manager for a line by line explanation of the works. 
President Obama's decision not to move forward on the Keystone pipeline is a mistake. This decision offers even more appalling evidence that this administration is hopelessly rudder-less in its jobs and energy policies. By not acting on Keystone, the President is depriving America of a means to create jobs, take a step towards energy independence, and bolster our national security by tapping into our energy resources and those of our friends in Canada instead of tyrannical governments.