Fighting for Florida

When I reflect upon the courageous and selfless men and women of the United States Armed Forces, I am humbled by two very powerful sentiments - one is an uplifting sense of pride in the accomplishments of these Americans, the other is a great reverence for the sacrifice that has been the price of those accomplishments.

Rosh Hashanah

Sep 16 2012

This evening marks the beginning of Rosh Hashanah, a celebration of the Jewish New Year. As Jewish Americans and our Jewish friends around the world prepare to honor their sacred holiday, let us remember to wish them a happy and healthy new year.
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Today marks the beginning of a month long celebration of Americans of Hispanic descent whose talents, accomplishments and cultures have strengthened our country.
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Senator Rubio is an original co-sponsor of S.RES.551, a resolution honoring the four American public servants who were killed in Benghazi, Libya, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, and formally condemning the terrorist attack on our consulate.
September 11 2012
Today, my thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorists attacks against our nation. As Americans, we will never forget those who were lost and will always remember the heroic efforts of our first responders and fellow citizens who risked, and many of whom sacrificed, their lives while attempting to save others.
As hurricane season is in full swing, we wanted to take a moment to share information about hurricane preparedness and other useful resources if a hurricane does hit Florida.