Fighting for Florida

Happy Easter

Mar 31 2013

Feature_Capitol Exterior
U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) released the following statement wishing fellow Christians in Florida and around the world a Happy Easter:
Due to Winter Storm Saturn, our Washington, D.C. office will be closed today, Wednesday, March 6. If you need immediate assistance, please call our Orlando office at (407) 254-2573.
The so-called sequester is one of the worst ideas to ever come out of President Obama's White House' and it has once again demonstrated Washington's dubious talent for creating problems and its appalling inability to solve them.
Today, I am departing to the Middle East on an official trip in my capacities as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Foreign Relations Committee. I will be visiting Jordan and Israel. This will be my first visit to Jordan and my second to Israel.
Now that several of ObamaCare's big tax provisions took effect this month, we are seeing more evidence of why it will prove to be one of the most economically destructive laws in American history. In fact, even before its implementation, it was already wreaking havoc on American businesses, entrepreneurs, and workers by casting a cloud of uncertainty over the American economy.

School Choice Week

Jan 31 2013

School Choice Week is a time for Americans to consider their priorities when it comes to education. The vast majority of Americans would like an education system that places the interests of students and their parents above all else.