Fighting for Florida

Independence Day

Jul 04 2013

Independence Day
This July 4th, I wish our great nation a happy 237th birthday. As we celebrate this holiday, I share with you time-tested words from our Declaration of Independence:
President Obama has again realized he can’t convince the American people about the merits of his big government agenda and will do what he does best: run roughshod over our Constitution and now try to impose his job-killing environmental agenda by executive order.
We live in a special country. Most people throughout history have lived in societies where how far you go in life was limited by family connections and other circumstances of your birth.
Yesterday, I voted against final passage of S. 954, "The Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2013," which is commonly known as the farm bill.
Saturday marks the first day of hurricane season, and we wanted to take a moment to remind you how to be prepared for a hurricane and useful resources if a hurricane does hit Florida. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted the 2013 Atlantic hurricane season will be "active or extremely active" with as many as 20 named storms.
This week's release of the State Department's 2012 International Religious Freedom Report reminds us how blessed Americans are to live in a place where we can freely and openly practice our religion of choice without fear of persecution.
The Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) that passed the Senate today could have had a positive effect on Florida's natural resources, industries and residents. Every Floridian is impacted by the work conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers in our state. Unfortunately, politics were chosen over sound public policy, and the state's best interests were left out of the final bill.
During my time in the Senate, many of you have written to me about your concerns with our immigration system. Today, I want to share this video with you in which I outline what this legislation sets out to do. And most importantly, I want to invite you to share your thoughts and submit your ideas below, on ways we can improve it.