Press Releases

Miami, FL - U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), chairman of the Senate's Western Hemisphere subcommittee, issued the following statement today regarding Venezuela's elections commission suspending the recall vote against President Nicolas Maduro:
“Venezuela is blessed with abundant natural resources and a talented population, which should make it the crown jewel of economic prosperity and opportunity in the Western Hemisphere‎. Instead, corruption, criminality, socialist policies, and human rights abuses at the highest levels of Venezuela’s government have tragically brought the country to the brink of becoming a failed state.
“The Venezuelan people have made it clear at the ballot box they are sick of Maduro's incompetence and corruption at all levels of government, and have worked through the constitutional process to remove him, only to see him and his puppets on the supreme court and elections commission illegally squash the people's will. The Obama Administration should officially sanction Nicolas Maduro and every member of the commission that supported this illegal, unconstitutional and undemocratic decision. It's shameful the Obama Administration has only sanctioned seven Venezuelan regime officials to date, and none in the past 19 months.”
Also today, Rubio urged the Obama Administration to sanction Venezuelan government official Rafael Ramirez for corruption during his tenure as head of Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA).