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Senator Rubio: The U.S. Should Be The Leading Voice Condemning Violence In Syria

CBS News’ Erica Hill: “I do want to get to the subject of Syria, though, now, because I know you've been very outspoken on the situation there. Obviously so many Americans have been following very closely the events in the Middle East at this point. You're putting forth a resolution with Senator Lieberman … How, though, does that stop this regime from turning weapons on its own people? Is that enough?”

Senator Rubio: “Well, a couple of things: The United States should be the leading voice in the world condemning what’s happening in Syria. We should make it very clear whose side we’re on, and we're on the side of the Syrian people. The second thing we need to clearly point out, and I hope the president is headed towards doing that, and that is saying that the Assad regime is no longer a legitimate one. Any time a government has to use government forces and army forces to kill unarmed civilians in order to hold on to power, that makes them illegitimate, and that’s what’s happening in Syria. And I hope the United States will be a clear voice saying that.”

Senator Rubio: The Administration Needs To Get More Involved In Syria

Hill: “When do you see further action happening?”

Senator Rubio: “In terms of the U.S. position? I don't know – I hope as soon as possible. Here in the Senate, I hope we’ll begin today by filing this resolution that will be bipartisan, it will have widespread support I hope in this chamber here, and I hope there will be a companion filed in the House, and I hope the administration will follow suit. What we’re hoping is that the administration will get more engaged on this issue. They've taken some measures already. The resolution recognizes that and commends them for doing that. But we're asking the administration to do more, to make sure the United States is the leading voice in the world condemning what's happening in Syria.”